Keep Your Eyes on the Road and Your Hands Where I can See Them!

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Henceforth, Sam shall be known as Madison.

Jeez, what a ride.
We hooked up with a convertible.
Pal of Madison's was out of town for a month so we kind of did the borrowing without asking hooking up.

Nice ride though.
Dumped the Britney cd's the first chance I got.
Hopefully they'll biodegrade in the sun.

I still can't believe my 'getting away from M' now consists of 'going away with M'.
Reverse psychology?
I don't know.
Never did understand anything with an 'ology' attached to it.

But I'm not gonna stress.
Lets face it, can't get her out of my head normally, so may as well have her along for the ride in body form.
Woo... nice visual place right there!
Cut it out Sara, you're meant to be getting over her.
Which I gotta say is gonna be hard, what with her being here and all.
But I'm kick ass.

Maybe this isn't going to work out to well.

Stop thinking so much.
Just be.
Wasn't that a song?
Damn, that was 'let it be'.
Mind off of her!

'We there yet?'
I have to speak to stop my slimy thought process from creeping into whipped cream, hot tubs and me and M in bikini's

'Sara, you ask every 10 minutes. Each time you get the same answer, almost.'

She looks over to me.
Can't see her eyes cause of her sunglasses.
Hot damn she's sexy.

For Fuck sake!
Mind, gutter, stop putting them together.

She's made me pout now.
And cross my arms.
How can two sentences turn me back into a 12 year old?

'No, I'm sorry Sara. I know you're itching to get there. I don't want to spoil your holiday.'
She turns and smiles.
Nearly blinds me with those whiter than white teeth of hers.
And those lips.
Easy... steady... almost had another dirty thought episode.
Pulled myself back from the edge though.
Good Sara!
Well done.
Hey, not so difficult, I can do this.

I close my eyes and rest my head back.
Letting the sun warm me up.
The wind blows round me, preventing me from overheating.
Which, considering I'm so close to Madison, is a good thing.
I don't want to melt the fake leather in this 'I've got a small dick' car.

'What's with the smile?'
Am I smiling?
Shit, I am.

'I dunno, just feels good to be out of Town for a while. You think the gang will be OK without us for a while?"

'I called Kelly at that burger joint we stopped off at, she was all for the break, says they'll will be fine. They have my cellphone number anyway.'

All I can manage.
Don't think I've ever been this relaxed.
Sun, open road, stomach full of fries and coke and a hot babe next to me.
All I ever asked for.
Not much, but then I'm easy to please.

'Don't you go all sleepy on me Sara! I need company, I'm not a limousine service you know.'

I have to laugh, I know she's got her frowny face on.
Don't even have to have my eyes open to know that.

I stroke her shoulder, to try and chill her out.
Then realise what the HELL I'm doing, snap my eyes open, sit bolt upright and remove that FUCKIN hand as fast as my muscles will allow me.
What are you doing Sara?
Don't touch her, you moron!
She'll go all freaky and think your gay or something.

Oh, hang on.
Well, don't want her thinking it.
She'll get all weird and spooked and then probably spaz herself out.
She'll turn the car round, speed back to Town and spread the gossip around.
I'll never speak to her again 'cause I'll be too embarrassed and that'll be the end of my LIFE!

I sit on my hands.
Try and touch her now, suckers!
Bad, hands!
Bad, bad hands!

'You ok, Sara? You seem... actually you ARE tense. Your vibes keep hitting me.. Ouch! There's one. Oww! And another.. oooww, stop it!'

I gotta laugh at her being so stupid.
She's swatting away at the air now.
She's one crazy chick.
But crazy's good.
On her, it looks mighty fine.
Mighty fine indeed.

Now I've changed my original 'Shit, M's coming' into 'Hell yeah, M's coming!'

I think we're gonna have some wicked fun.

I shout at the top of my lungs.

'Vegas baaaaaaaby! Yeeeah!'


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LOL definitely write more!!

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."

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I love your writing style, it

I love your writing style, it's so great. I really felt part of the moment.

Yep that's me in the backseat ;) j/k


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i know that I am hooked =)