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Hi kids,

It's been a very active weekend for me. It started on Friday when I decided to go out and have a drink, since I'd been stuck inside the house for most of the week. When I get to the bar, I decided that for some reason, it'd be a great idea to drink until I got just a little tipsy. Luckily, there were friends of mine that I ran into at the bar, and they were making sure that I was drinking lots of water and such things.

I was actually having a great time talking with my older friends. They all have such funny stories to tell and they are always teasing me about something or another; spending time with them is non-stop entertainment. :)

After a little while, I needed to go to the bathroom. On my way out, I saw this one cute guy standing and watching people dance. He looked like he was there by himself, and since I was tipsy and not-as-inhibited at that point, I just went up and started talking with him. We later found a table and sat down and talked. Turns out we're the same age (which is a surprise for me, I know!).

After a while, feeling sobriety kicking in, I said, "You know, before I sober up, I just wanted to say that I think you're really cute." He said that he thought the same about me. Unfortunately, he had to be at work really early the next morning, so he had ot leave. I gave him my number and told him to call me; we both wanted to get together the next night. Needless to say, he didn't call me. Meh.

* * *

Saturday, I sang and played trumpet at a funeral service. I didn't know anybody there except the organist, so we went through the two songs that we were going to be playing together. The interesting thing about a musician's life is that once you reach a certain degree of competency, you can simply learn a song in a few minutes, and perform it as if you've been rehearsing it for weeks. We only had time to go through the song that I didn't know once, and then it was time for the service to start. Of course, it went fabulously. :) So just for singing a song, playing trumpet on a song, and then coming to that quick rehearsal, I made $100. Not bad for 1.5 hours of my time, eh? (Keep in mind, I'm still hungover at this point).

After that, I went to a meeting at one of my teacher's house. One of the people there was one of my old All-State Jazz Band directors. He's a very sweet man, and we've both always really liked each other's company (and no, not in THAT way--he's straight and not my type). :-P When the meeting ended, we got a chance to go out to dinner and talk about what happened at the meeting and to talk about ourselves some more. He even ended up paying for dinner! How cool was that?

So when I dropped him off, I came back to the house and took a little nap (by this time, it was around 9:45 p.m.). I was really hoping that the one boy I met the night before was going to call me, but he never did. And I didn't feel like going out if I wasn't sure he was going to be there, so I just went to bed. :-P

I hope he'll call sometime soon, though. He was a very genuine, kind person, and I'd really liike to get a chance to talk to him again. At any rate, if that doesn't happen, no harm done. We'll just chalk it up to experience.

Speaking of which, I might have another boy occupy my time tonight. I may have talked about him before; he's EXACTLY my type as far as physical attributes go: he's a tall, pale, skinny white boy. He's also VERY sweet, very loyal to his friends, and he also is an artist. We've been out once or twice, and I see him at his work a couple times a week (he's a server at my favorite bar). He talked on Friday, and he said he'll call me today; maybe we're going to have a movie night or something. I can't wait to see how this one pans out. >:-D

Ok, enough of my rambling. Momma has to go feed the animals now. Wish me luck with my potential adventures tonight! And remember, like I always say....

Behave and be nice, so you don't turn out like me.




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Sounds like you had a great weekend! I hope however things turn out (i.e. phone
call or not), they're for the best!

Do you know how jealous I am that you can make that much money for a relatively
short amount of work time? Last summer I worked at Canadian Tire. I'm grateful
that they employed me, but really? $7/hr for all I had to do?! Enough ramblings
out of me!
Take care,


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Boys and money

Heya Daniel,

Yeah, I hope things turn out for the best, too. I've got some housecleaning to do before tomorrow (when the owner gets back), and I've got a rehearsal to conduct tonight, so I hope he gets a hold of me soon. *fingers crossed*

About the whole money thing, it's pretty cool to be handed a check for 100 bucks for showing up, doing what I love to do, and then leaving. :) The neat thing about the whole thing, like I said in my blog, is that people think you've been practicing these songs for weeks. *lol*

Maybe that performance will get my foot in the door, and maybe I'll be on call for weddings, funerals, and stuff like that. We'll see. Only time will tell....


Some people's kids...I tell ya!