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This is a poem by a slam poet named Katie Jordan. I found it in a book on slam poetry.


I looked in the mirror today
Perfectly groomed
Perfectly dressed
Perfect little smile

I looked at my resume today
Perfectly straight A's
Class President
Head Cheerleader
Perfect little student

I looked at my family today
Perfect parents
Perfect sibling
Big white house
And money to spare

I looked at my disposition today
Perfectly perky
With sugar-coated sweetness
That must make others sick

I looked at myself today
Never satisfied with all I have
Always wanting more
Insecure, searching
Hopeless, broken-hearted
Pretentious, superficial
Obsessed with how
I appear to others
Not as perfect
As one would think
M perfection is only as stable
As the blurry image in the mirror
Of a not-so-perfect girl
Who can't even decipher
The source of her own
Imperfect tears

And the chorus to a song entitled "Hard Love"

"It was hard love, every step of the way,
Hard to be so close to you, so hard to turn away,
And when all the stars and sentimental songs dissolved today,
There was nothing left to sing about but hard love."


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i'm on a YA lesbian novel thang today but

have u read 'Hard Love' by ellen wittlinger? it's good.

Dreaming of the Blue Hawaiian Diner...

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Yeah that's where I got it from. I liked that one too.

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."

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Cool poem...I like her style.