Open Relationships

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Well then , this is a subject that a lot of you guys haven't come across yet, but it is something that
most gay guys will have to get a grip on sometime in their lives (lesbians are less likely , but i won't say never)

Mamba Online has an interesting article about open relationships
A quote:

"Some years ago, the hit movie Love Story had as a subtitle," he begins, "'Love means never having to say you're sorry'. And I think that this applies to open relationships as well, because love in its purest and noblest form, understands, accepts and respects the humanity in the beloved. And part of being human is to have sexual feelings, desires and fantasies for others, and not just directed to the loved one."

I personally feel that open relationships might be the way to go , but it's not something you can walk into right off the bat. A relationship needs to be incredibly stable and strong to survive something like this.

Your thoughts?

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i do have gay guy friends tha

i do have gay guy friends that are in open relationships, and they are possibly some of the strongest relationships of people i know. it takes a lot though to be able to pull it off without people getting hurt/jelous/envious/whatever. from what i know, there are boundaries like not bringing other guys home, etc. but in the end, thats what works for themand theyre really happy with the way their relationship grows. they say that it makes their love stronger, and they both have the trust that a lot of..say straight married couples, just dont have.

its interesting... dont know how id go with it myself, but to each their own. and within the gay community for guys it seems a pretty regular occurance.

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socially constructed

I'm taking a cultural anthro class this semester, and today we were just talking about gender roles and such being cultural vs/ natural. Anyway, this relates. The boundries and conditions under which social relationships are constructed seem to be completely cultural. I've grappled with this one in particular a lot. Because of this, J and I stopped dating this summer, and now I'm having issues with someone else concerning openness. In this case, we can't be together because of distance, and I think it's important to experience a lot of different people to better understand yourself/what you like/how you work in relationships/etc. If your partner doesn't agree with you, though, then what? Plus I get jealous, too. Does it take away from the meaning in your own relationship? Not necessarily, I don't think. Damn. I hate this issue.

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Open relationships

I don't think it's possible for a relationship between two people to last if they are having a open relationship. The only reason I say this is because people do even though they say they don't get hella jealous when their partner is out screwing around. I mean I would be jealous.

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you said "hella"! where are you from?

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that has ever shown South Park

screw you guys, i'm going home

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They sound like a good idea to me

But I don't know if I could handle it. I think I'm the jealous type, and I don't think I'd be okay with it.
At the same time, I think it's pretty honest. Even if you're with someone, and you're totally into them, you still always notice others, and they still turn you on. If you're thinking it anyways, why not be honest and act on it? And if both of you in the relationship can be grown up enough about it, then it should be able to work.
I think it can get sticky if you get attached to people outside of the relationship. But that can happen even without sleping around...

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No "Us"

this is just a poem i wrote called NO "Us"
i just felt like posting it. let me know what you
think. :D

I can’t see anything in you.
Your eyes are like frosted glass.
Your heart is cold,
And yet, I can still feel you:
Your frozen lips on mine,
And your empty touch.
My feelings for you
Are untrue,
But the longing for your arms
To be around me never ceases.
Your numb fingers run through my hair.
I realize there is nothing between us
Apart from this icy touch,
Yet I wish for no more than that.
Your kiss numbs my lips as we descend
Into the frozen abyss
Of one single passion;
A passion shared
Between two human beings,
Flesh and blood.
The merging of our bodies
Separate us from our souls for one night,
Leaving us only with satisfaction
Until the hunger that binds us, returns.

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wow i really like it. thank

wow i really like it. thanks for posting it! :) i think i might have my own totally way out there interpretation of it though. it makes me think of what it was like to have a relationship with a guy just for the sake of looking like i fit in, even though there was no spark there.

the imagery was awesome. though i think it probably means something more along the lines of a relationship with someone who's emotionally unavailable.
anyway, welcome!!!!

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