Partway Gay?

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No, fortunately I'm not referring to myself.
Check out this article in the Washington Post.
By the way, do any of you people know how to stick a link in your post?
Until someone tells me, you're gonna have to copy and paste.
Anyway, what do you guys think of the article?

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the url didn't work.. could you retype it? please, thx

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Working links

Hello kids. How does one make a link work? It's as easy as H-T-M-L.

First, what you do is find the link. In that case, '' is the link.

Next, you insert a left-pointing carrot followed by 'a href='. Then you insert the link after the equal sign, but you must make sure you put quotation marks around the link. < a href="" >

Note: In order to show you how to link, I had to insert a space after the left-pointing carrot (the symbol above the comma) and before the right-pointing carrot (above the period). To get the link to work, you should delete these spaces.

For some added features, you can add 'target="blank"' to get the link to open up in a new ("blank") window.

In other HTML funness, you can also italicize, embolden, or underline text. To do this, you add < i >text< /i >(see above Note)for italics. To embolden your text, substitute 'b' for 'i', or to underline, substitute 'u'. If you want to have one or more special effects for text, then you just add the formatting tags as required. Some additional information: the forward slash indicates an 'end tag'. An 'end tag' tells (for lack of an unanthropomorphic term) your web browser to end that formatting. Therefore, all tags with a forward slash follow the text. Another piece of information worth noting is that multiple tags must be displayed in shells. Nothing special about this, you just have to make sure that none of your tags overlap. For the following example, I will forgo using the sideways carrots.
Example: To make text italicized and underlined, it would be displayed thus: iu text /u/i.
What NOT to do: iu text /i/u.

If I made absolutely no sense, which is highly likely as I tend to ramble on and on, please go to this site. I have found this site to be helpful for me, I hope you shall find it the same.

Update: Hrm...I got so sidetracked I forgot to actually link.