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Tear drops fall over your hand like petals to old lace. Tears not of regret but of fulfillment and your replace.

I care not for casualties and careless thoughts of lament. I cry for words and promises that are true and always kept. A life of love and devotions are not just a concept. But a true and beautiful reality stable and never sent.

Heartbeats from further away but present nonetheless. Always caring always sharing those feelings in the flesh. I capture all these qualities and lock them in my breast. A place not just for hiding but like keeping in a nest. I care and watch over these feelings like an eternal trying test.

I float on words and gestures and accept all those I get. A low and faulty footstep that i shouldn't have let.

My hands can barely grapple with the passion you have left. A warm and welcomed ending Id easily admit. A subtle sign of absence you'll gladly soon submit. But I turn a cheek to closure and believe that you'll commit. A life full of passive truths and thoughtless compliments.

A life with lack of living is not truthful nor complete. But a total true devotion will be sure to form a peak. In your flat and listless life you will always hopelessly seek.


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I like...

...this. It's quite true.

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."