Planning Ahead Is Essential

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This is just a story I'm trying. Might work on it more. It it doesn't work I'll have them knocked down and killed by a horde of tourists. Also I need names. Anyone got suggestions. Sara and Sam aren't really good names. Help!!
And about the references to evil and super strong.
I'm making them superheroes or agents or something.
It's really only an excuse to add lots of fights.
And magic.
And people being beat to death only to recover.

Sara's P.O.V.

I feel like I'm going mad.
Not like insane mad, I'm not gonna start talking to garbage bins or anything.
Just she's always in my head.

I mean, I get up.
I think of what she's doing.
I grab something to eat.
I wonder what she's having.
I get dressed.
I think about what she's gonna wear to school.

Every single fuckin' minute.
Even when I go to sleep I know I'm gonna be dreaming about her.

I feel like I should be on some talk show about obsessions.
The whole audience can 'ooo' and 'ahhh' over my pathetic fuckin' life.

So, I decided to get some space.
Maybe if I'm away from here I can get my mind back on things other than Sam Trice.
I packed some shit up last night and I'm headin' off.
Don't know where.
Don't care.

I'm going over to tell Sam that I'll be away for a few weeks.
Don't want her thinking I've been killed and goin' all nuts.
Part of me is hoping she'll be all 'don't go! I'll miss you!'
But the other 95% of my brain is locked in gear and damn well knows that's not gonna happen.

I know my place, and it might be by her side, but it sure as hell isn't in her bed.

Think I'll nab myself some wheels and head on out Vegas way.
Bright lights, big city, money to be made and I'm betting plenty of evil to keep me busy.
Busy is what I want.
What I need.
Well that was easy.
Decision made then.

Here I am at Sam's dorm.
I suddenly wonder if she has classes.
Not used to this school shit.
I knock but she hasn't answered.
I've picked the lock in under 30 seconds and I'm in.
I'm not here to nose round.
I may be an asshole but privacy means something.
So I grab a pad and a pen and write her a quick note.

'Sam, Need to get out of town for a while. See you in a couple of weeks.
Kick some ass for me while I'm gone! Sara.'

I resist the urge to put 'love Sara' at the end and just draw a little heart after my scrawly signature.
I leave it on her bed and turn to leave.

As I'm almost at the door, in walks Sam.

She slams into me.

'Hey. Sorry!' She says as she walks past me to drop some books on her bed. 'Actually rewind that. Hey! How'd you get in here!?'

'I smashed the door down but check it out, I put the spare one up I carry with me. Looks nice huh? I picked the lock Sam, jeez.'


'Because the door was locked.'

'Sara! Why did you need to get in here'
She laughs and it makes a stupid grin spaz all over my face.

'I'm leavin' for a few weeks. Left you a note. Anyway, gotta go.'
I start to walk out and she's right there behind me, hand on my shoulder.

'Watch out Sam, don't touch the animals!'

She slaps me for being cheeky.
Wellm since she's super strong it was really more of a heavy backhand.

'Where are you going? Why are you going? Why didn't you wait to talk to me...?'

'Woa there horsey, I don't know where I'm going, out Vegas way probably, I just need a break and you weren't here.'

'And what? You were just going to leave without saying goodbye? Thanks!'

Ahh, damn.
She looks all hurt now.
I just wanted to leave a fuckin' note and not have to deal with any of this.
But even I manage to mess this up.
What a chump.

'I was leaving you a note to say bye. I'm not leavin' the country Sam. Just thought I needed a holiday, that's all.'

I do.
Roll me up some transport and I'm motoring out of this crap town for a while.

'Holiday? In Vegas?'
She has that look on her face.
The one that tells me I ain't gonna like what's coming.
Seen it a thousand times.
Here it comes...


'Hey, I'll come as well then, Sara. Be like a snow day, only longer! Wait, I'll pack up some stuff! This is going to be SO cool!'


Um, what the fuck just happened?
Great, now what am I gonna do?

Hey, yeah Sara, go to Vegas to get away from Sam.
Sort of doesn't work if she comes WITH YOU!

And do it quickly.

'Sam? Classes! What you gonna do about studying?'

She'll never miss this much school.
Think I might be safe.

'You know, you always tell me to take a risk, act on the moment. Well, you'll be happy to hear I'm taking your advice! Fuck school! See, I even swore. Go Sam!'

I watch her punch the air and then I just stand there like an idiot, watching her pack enough things to clothe the entire US army.

I sigh.

Why do I feel like this ain't goin' to plan?
I mean, I don't plan often.
Well, not at all.
Drain of brain cells.
The one time I do...
The one god damn time, and it falls flat.
I can't tell her not to come now can I?
She'll hate me.

Maybe it wont be so bad.
We can do our separate things, like gamble in different places or something.
Yeah, like that's gonna happen!
Bite the bullet Sara.

'Come on then S... Vegas baby! Wooooo!'

She grabs my arm and I know that this is gonna be one trip I ain't gonna forget.
Not by a long shot.

To be continued...


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I love this...the banter, the style of writing. The whole bloody thing rocks!

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."

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really flows. i love it. :)