Prelude to Thirteen

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'Just punch him!'

'I'm--trying! Hold his... ungh... stop laughing, Sara, and...'

'You're a real top notch fighter. Watch out for... ouch. You ok?'

'Yes! Help me up.'

'Don't get the dirt on my leathers, I just wiped them down... hey, I said...
crap, now you got them dirty.'

'Good. You could have helped me, Sara.'

'Why? You kicked his ass. I like seeing you fight anyway. Don't roll your eyes,
you look like a cheerleader.'

'He ripped my top! He ripped my favourite top! Can tonight get any worse?'

'You're wearing a red bra with a black top? Nice, Sam, nice.'

'Eyes front, Sara.'

'They are front; can't miss the slutty underwear, that's all.'

'I'm trying to be more like you.'

'I'm not wearing a bra, baby.'

'Ok, I don't need you to show me, I believe you. I said... I'm not looking!'

'Sam, I'm kidding. Like, I'm gonna get the twins out in a cemetery. Come back
to my room and you can have a look in private, if you want?'

'Sara, do you ever stop flirting with me?!'



'Joke. You can open your eyes, you know.'

'Ok, just... argh! That's it. I'm keeping them closed the whole time now.
I mean it.'

'Shit, girlfriend, you need to relax, I was scratching my stomach. I promise everything's where it should be. There, see, my hands are no where near my top.'

'Get them off me, they're freezing!'

'I'm in a no win, no win, here. I try and prove they're no where near my rack, and you freak. I don't and you freak.'

'I am so not freaking, see, eyes open. You... keep them where I can see them.'


'Sara! I meant your hands!'


'Why do our conversations always end up on each others body parts?'

'Because we never end up on each others body parts? Shit, Sam, I'm teasing you! Chill.'

'I do know you're teasing. And I am chill, very chill.'

'I can see.'

'Stop looking at my chest! It's cold out, that's all.'

'Sure. Thin bra, cold, girls out to attention. No problem.'

'Can we talk about something else, please?'

'Course. So, when was the last time you had sex?'

'Sara! Can we talk about films, or... school! We can talk about school.'

'Get's me horny.'

'Films, I saw a great one the other day...'

'Did you neck in the back row?'

'Fine. We won't talk then.'

'You're not frigid are you, Sam? I got a cure for that you know.'

'What, wiggling your eyebrows at me? I don't... hey, I'm not frigid! I am so not frigid, I'm completely the opposite.'

'A slut? I got a cure for that too.'

'No, I'm... arghh! You're making me...'



'Cause you're so hot? It's the lipstick, isn't it?'

'No! I'm not hot, I'm not horny, I don't want to look at your chest, I don't
want you looking at mine, I'm not frigid and stop putting your hands on me!'

'You like me then?'


'I bet I could make you scream that out, Sam.'

'I give up. I. Give. Up!'

'You'll have sex with me?'

'NO! I give up, not give it up!'

'You've never given it up? Thought you and what's his name got down and dirty?'

'Sara, I don't want to talk about him.'

'You want to talk about us?'

'There is no us!'


'Now what did I say?'

'If I can't talk about sex then I don't want to talk.'

'Fine. *silence for ages* Ok, we'll talk about sex. Stop grinning, I didn't
give in.'

'Play it that way if you want. I won't tell anyone any different. You can
trust me, Sam.'

'Sara, your hands are freezing! I said we'd talk. There's no hands on
demonstrations with talking.'


'No, that's you! Hey, why are we at yours?'

'I'm like a magnet, Sam. You can't keep away.'

'You wish...'

'I do.'


'What? You know I'm teasing you. Wanna come in and keep me company for a few
hours? We can wind down a bit. I promise to knock the flirting off.'

'Hmm. I am a bit hyper after that fight. Sure. You got any low fat yoghurt?'

'I got something much better than that, Sam.' *wicked smile*


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I love waking up in the morning, checking the posts, and bursting out into laughter. Not many people can make me out right laugh over the Internet. I love the banter; now all you need is a sequel...

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."

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I'm thinking about it...
Hell, these characters are fun.
All I need is a plot.

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oh man

that was so funny... that girl sounds like she would be so incredibly obnoxious. but at the same time... i can't help wishing i had someone who would be willing to get physical without messy emotional ties.
(oh, God. I sound like a teenage boy.)

anyway, your story was great.
i do rather wish i knew why they were beating a guy up in a cemetery...
feel like giving us a prelude to the prelude?

love em

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Well...I was working on a series.
And because I'm a stupid fuck, I went with the whole
"Superheroes Saving The World"
But I haven't figured anything out yet.
And bad things are always in cemeteries.
So it works.
Still, might change it to two girls Taking Over The World.
That would be cooler.
Any ideas?