queer anime?

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hey people... okay, i know NOTHING about anime, so i need your help :S

i want to try watching it because it sounds bizarre enough to suit me, the sort of thing i'd get hooked on... i want something with queer (specifically lesbian) themes... anyone know of any good queer anime?

i dont mean that really pornographic anime, though... stuff with substance

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i dig anime, havent watched in forever though.... but.... while not really lesbian, if ya watch 'bubblegum crises 2040' it should appeal. basically a group of vigilante gals going around kicking butt and saving the day. they're really cool chicks though, and one of them is... well..... everyone thinks she's a lesbian in the series anyway. but yeah, while not specifically gay-ish themed, its cool and you should dig it.

(bubblegum crises was an old series out years and years ago, 2040 is basically like an updated version of it. i havent seen the orig. series though)

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I've often looked for this exact same thing! There seems to be very little of it. Although... I have read this very good Japanese manga called 'Cardcaptor Sakura.' It's a comic book, and there are lesbian themes to it, like the main character's best friend is in love with her. Actually, I think that might be the only lesbian theme. And nothing really happens, cause they're in, like, sixth grade or something, but it's cute and fluffy and fun to read.
But the lesbian theme is only in the Japanese version, not the American version. I don't know why... probably because the people over here in the States who would be interested in it are younger than those in Japan.

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same thing happened with sailor moon. its practically soft-lesbian porn in the japanses version.... toned down drastically for the american version of the show. funny huh.

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I donno of any *good* Shoujo-

I donno of any *good* Shoujo-Ai (girl-love) animes, someone told me that Revolutionary Girl Utena had some in it but I haven't watched it myself. But I can recommend some Shounen-ai (boy-love) mangas. Two that are really good are -FAKE- by Sanami Matoh and Gravitation (which I think was turned into a anime) by Maki Murakami.

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I just read the first FAKE to

I just read the first FAKE today! <33