re on the meeting site question

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a while back someone asked for links to a site where they could meet
other bi/gay/les/questioning or whatever teens. since we all desided that mogenic
sucks...heh...i just remembered one of my fave. is a meeting
site that a friend of mine started, and while its not a strictly queer site, he
started it largly in part because of me who had nowhere to meet people because i was only 15. so the starting age now is 16, which is nice, and there are a lot of cool people, of all sexual orientations on there.....just thought id put that out for you all... its nice and simple to use and its pretty and it works and its free...completely. hes working on a webcam feature now as well...check it out:)

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actually.... the only reason mogenic aint top shit is that its never updated anymore. when i started going through my whole 'self discovery' that site was really awesome. but alas, since no updating, its kinda you've seen it once, you've seen it a million times kinda site now. pity.... it had sooooo much potential! still.... shouldnt bag it, after all, people actually put a heap of time and effort into it, and you gotta be grateful for what they've achieved. helped me out, thats all i gotta say. :) have fun kids ^_-

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re mogenic

nah sorry..i totally didnt mean it that way...
i still USE hypocrite...
and its too bad they dont keep working on it...there were pretty colors

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oasis and mogenic

have different ways of looking at the world.

I don't want to turn oasis into a personals site, i feel it's cheap and has too much of a chance to be sleazy.

I want oasis to be somewhere people can express themself.


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Which is why...

... I love this site. Emily plus Oasis 4-ever.

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