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I am a slacker, and it is just now starting to bother me. I used to take pride in the fact that I have for the most part maintaind a 3.3 GPA without trying for the past two and a half years, and I took the SATs without ever studying and got 1180. Now that I am starting to look for colleges, not only that will take me, but will give me money, and make me happy/ keep me challenged, I am at a loss. I have next semester to drastically bring my grades up, and I can always take the SATs again, but I would still like to prepare myself for the possibility that I will have to use my current grades and such to apply for college. Have any of you been in the same situation as me? What colleges have you gotten in to, and are you happy? Or are my grades and SATs not as bad as I think they are? I really have no idea.... Oh and is anyone at Uni or college in Canada? Really any college shopping advice would be graetly appreciated, I am the oldest child (of two...but stil..) so I have no one at home to help me!


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I took my SATs and did horribly. 1040. My GPA was a 3.7. I'm now happily enrolled at OSU, that's Ohio. Don't worry too much. It'll all come together.

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College Shopping

I think the key thing that made my search for colleges so easy was the fact that I had good grades. I got a 3.6 GPA and got 1320 on my SATs. This allowed me not only to get into my college of choice, but also gave me a scholarship for an SAT score above 1300. I hear that if you take SATs a second time, then you should do better. I guess you get to learn how the test is run and such. However, I got a 1240 my second time.

I also didn’t have to write an essay. That made my college shopping process so much easier.

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