Sunday lesson planning!

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Yep, next Friday I present my first lesson plan to my grade 6's! So, what am I
doing right now? That's right, posting this instead of getting to work, i.e. writing
that lesson! For those of you who don't know, I'm in a Faculty of Education.
Once a week we go to our 'host school', where we spend time in a classroom.
On Friday, I deliver my first lesson! Ooh, I hope it goes well. With this class,
I think the risk is not that the class will degenerate into chaos. Rather, the
risk is that all the kids will be bored and simply will tune out. I must
make sure the lesson will be engaging. I'm introducing a new unit. The unit is
about 'bringing the past to life' through stories, artifacts, songs, and
eyewitness accounts. Here's hoping I don't get pelted with rotten tomatoes, or
whatever those grade 6's keep in their desks! (dull pencils, maybe?)

Anyway, nothing's changed since the last blog on the whole non-heterosexual
issue (see above blog). I was considering talking to my parents today, but it's
so weird. I mean, straight guys never have to talk about their sexuality with
their parents! Why should I have to? Oh, right, heterosexual norms. ~sigh. My
concern is that, without a boyfriend/girlfriend (I'm not sure which is more
likely at this point), I'll get "It's just a phase.", "I'm sure you'll meet the
right girl eventually.", and other protests. My parents are very understanding,
but I don't think they'll want to deal with this. I'm no psychologist, but I
know that denial is a very common reaction, and I can't deal with that. I'm 19,
and having just recently become aware of my bisexuality, I don't need another
set of attempts (adding to my own) to rationalize my attraction to guys. I
don't mind answering questions, but I don't need more denial.

Well, that's enough angst for one blog! This site, while wonderful, does not
keep track of how many people read my blog. So, I need you readers to give me
your opinions, your comments, and your related stories!

Have a great week everybody!



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You're 19 and already teaching? Maybe I need more details about this program you're in, but teaching at Good luck! I remember in 6th grade I was the only attentive one. Everyone else was busy planning what to do over recess break. I know all about denial. I don't ever plan on telling my parents about my bisexuality. Too much denial there. Once again good luck with your first class!

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