The life continuum

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I just thought I'd share what my life activities look like, on the surface. I'm really
enjoying University, but's what it looks like...Remember that
nobody knows that I'm bi...

Read, go to class, mull over bisexuality, take notes, plan lesson, mull over
bisexuality, talk to friends, listen to music, mull over bisexuality, play on
computer, eat food, mull over bisexuality, do homework, read, mull, write, mull,
eat, mull, talk, listen, mull, mull, mull...

This is driving me crazy! Well, not completely crazy, since I haven't lost my
mind yet, and mulling hasn't completely taken over my life, but still... I'm not
sure what to do. Bah!


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I do the same thing! My daily life looks exactly like yours. A whole lot of mulling. My question is what to do next?

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."

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my life is the same except i dont do my homework.

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Advice from...

Here's advice from a "becoming teacher":

Do your homework!!!!

Seriously, thanks for all your responses. It really makes me feel that I'm not completely alone. Any other comments, readers?

Have a great week everybody!

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Takes time

Dealing with these sorts of things are never easy. I suggest however not becoming obsessed with it. Do fun things. Not sit and mull for too long, that is what I did all of last year and I became really depressed, but now I think I am finally over it.

One day you will understand. Probably when you are doing something like playing lacrosse or eating a pizza with a good friend. It will hit you. You will suddenly be at peace. Or at least feel a wave a sanity cover your mind and body.


a dopo,

Allora, sono tornato!