The Task at Hand....

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I have decided to take on a specific task for my own peace of mind, and because I heart Melissa Etheridge and the kind of message her songs get across. With that said, here is what I intend to do:

I have a list composed of six of her songs from various cds, all of which I own and know by heart because I have been listening to her since I was 3. Anyway! Here are the songs:
"Silent Legacy"
"Shriner's Park"
"Scarecrow" (written about/for/benefit of Matthew Sheperd)
"Angels Would Fall"
"Talking to My Angel" (written about her father)
"Chrome Plated Heart"
As you can see I also known random stuff about her. Also from my mother and my own research and general interest.

Now, with these songs in mind, I intend to draw pictures to go along with each. Its going to take some time and a shit load of patience. But I am eager to do it. NOw this is a favor I am asking of you guys;
What do you think of the idea?
Do you think its worth pursuing?
And lastly, every once in a while send me a message reminding me to get off my ass and actually finish all of them! Please?

I would really appreciate some response to this. I am excited about the whole idea, but I would like some opinions. And if I do finish them, I'm going to try and post them somewhere at some point for people to look at. All of the songs I chose have special messages and mean a lot to me. If you would like to know what I intend to draw for each song, let me now and I will write another blog describing them. Remember this is EXTREMELY important to me. I intend to go to college for drawing and this will be great practice, and will convey a message along the way!

So yah, please let me know what you think, thank you!



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It sounds billiant and I can't wait to see them!!!!


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Woot Woot!

Thank you!!!! I am excited about the whole idea and I can't wait to see how the pics turn out!
~Lisa Faery~

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Grand Idea

I think that's a great idea, especially since it gives you
freedom to draw however the song affects you. I'm interested
in knowing what you intend to draw.
"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."

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Melissa Etheridge rocks! and so would someone drawing pictures
for her songs. Go for it, definitely.