Where to from here?

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I suppose I've just recently acknowledged to myself that I'm bi. So, I ask
myself-- where to from here? I guess I have to let my family know... yeah,
that's probably a good idea. I've read some articles and stuff about 'coming
out', but I'm still not sure what a good time will be.
...I hope all this isn't too cliche, but it's a problem for me!
...Anyway, yeah, I gotta do that. But, even from there, where to? I think it'd
be cool to have a boyfriend, but even if/when I get one, that could open a
whole other can of worms (another cliche- sorry!...) regarding my social life.
Oh, and just where does a bi boy like myself get a bf? I mean, I wouldn't know
where to look! Most males are, statistically, straight, so, yeah, what now? I
may be a 2nd year University student, and University is a pretty tolerant,
accepting place blah blah blah but that doesn't solve my problem, right?! I
admit, I'm pretty overwhelmed with all this right now. Oh yeah, and I have
full-time school to deal with. I'm in [teacher] Education, and that's a pretty
demanding program. I mean, I should be working right now, but here I am! Bah!
...~sigh...Well, readers, any comments?


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My comments

One of the best decisions I made when I came out was that as soon as I could, I joined gay/lesbian social groups. I started with the gay club at my school, and from there, I joined the local gay men's chorus. Most of my friends are gay, which is really cool. Not by choice, but that's just how things worked out.

Anyhow, the best advice I can give you is to check out what social groups there are to join in your area. I see you live in Toronto, so I'm there there are quite a few resources available to you to check out. Good luck!


P.S.: I'm in Education, as well. I'm studying to become a music teacher. :)

Some people's kids...I tell ya!

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Thanks for the response, Michael. The thing is that a GBLT social group doesn't
guarantee I'll have a connection with anyone in the group. For example, I don't
really relate to my campus' Jewish social group, despite the fact that I'm
Jewish (and relatively observant!). I don't have a lot to go on saying that a
GBLT social group would be any different. In many ways, a shared religion, and
even a semi-shared sexual identity, doesn't really mean that you'll feel at ease.
With all of that said, I thank you for your input. I'll probably end up checking
out some of those campus groups (eventually, anyway). Thanks again!

P.S. Oh yeah, Education rocks! I would try to be a music teacher, except for
the fact that I, um, know very little about music. I took piano for a couple of
years, but other than that...Well, next summer I might learn acousitc guitar!