wishing things were different.

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I got to New York Maritime. It is a military styled
school and something tells me that the majority of
the student body is homophobic. I really want to let
at least two particular people know how I feel, one
of which I have a serious crush on and the other I
feel is close enough to me to deserve to know.

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Don't we all?

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I guess we all have something

I guess we all have something to share but maybe the answer I'm looking for is jus t to easy and story-like to exist. I just don't know.

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Wish for something better


It's a wonderful book. :)

Tell us about the two people - the crush and the close friend. Can you think of a general way to bring up the subject of homosexuality to your close friend, in order to gauge his or her response?

(Is it an all-boys school?)

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Replying to myself...

Okay, I'm replying to myself, because I found SUNY Maritime online, and read all about it. It sounds like a wonderful program! Obviously it's not an "all-boys school." (For some reason I thought you were in prep school.)