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I have been accepted to Elfwood! Woot!!

For those of you who are not familar with Elfwood, its an amazing art and writing site composed mainly of fantasy and sci-fi themes. I applied for a gallery to post some of my drawings and I was accepted earlier tonight. I am extremely excited! This is a great away to get my artwork viewed.

I am working on finishing up a few pieces. A minimum requirement of four pieces is set, so I've got to work on that. I am not sure which four I am going to put up first.

I am going to also work on some more Melissa Etheridge inspired pieces. Probably a few off of her new album.

All in all I am very excited about this. When I get everything up and arranged some what a lot more organized I will let you know my user name and such in case you are interested in viewing any of my work.

Who knows maybe I will be lucky enough to earn some comissions. *grins* I can only hope!

Catcha later....


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That is awesome! I'm happy for you!
Coincidentally, I checked out the site registration form today. I was so tempted to send in my name and answer all the questions wrongly, especially since I have few artistic talent when it comes to drawing. So what would I have to lose?
I'm interested in seeing your art! Art is yummy! Yummerz! Keep up the good wok! And work, but remember to bring your good wok, because it's essential when cooking asian goodies. Yum... Asian goodies! ^^ (Too much energy, haven't written enough today due to a second consecutive snow day)

-Ricky (or Sahr, your pick)

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Strangely enough and most coincidental, I love random energy induced comments like that! They make things highly amusing.....^-^
~Lisa Faery~

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That's good! Now that a night has passed since I wrote the comment, I've woken up and still haven't dealt with my thirst for writing. Must...write...more! I'm off to try and write a story. Never tried it before. Wish me ducks! Many ducks... ducks! (my dreams made me happy this morning, not sure why, though. Forgot what I dreamt about)

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*sets out a bajillion rubber duckies for ya* Wish! Good dreams are always awesome. Too bad you cant remember yours. Atleast you know it was good! Have fun writing! *wishes you much inspiration as well as the ducks*
~Lisa Faery~

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Art is beautiful. Congratulations on being accepted! Whoo hoo!! Throw a mini party for yourself. :)

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."

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i love elfwood! i don't have anything up there but i can spend hours and hours just browsing the site and taking the tours. magickal. how do i search for your drawings? i cant remember how to search for users...

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. I used to look through elfwood alot, but the porno stuff really bothered me, so i don't as much anymore. I have thought about joining the library, though. Ohh.. and their new layout is much better than the old.. but i do miss the leaves