Fairy Tales And Real Life

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'You know I've always wanted you, M...'
I move my hands through her hair and hold her face, pulling her mouth towards
Her warm breath feels like a touch on my lips.
I've waited so long for this.
So long.

My eyes fly open as I feel the jab in my side.
What the Hell?
Where'd M's lips go?
Hold up... I was about to get lucky.

'Hey Snoozy, take a look up ahead!'

No, that's not what I want to do!
God damn it, I hate waking up from the good bits of dreams!
I want to close my eyes again and slip right back in where I left off!
Sometimes it doesn't work though.
Once Kelly appeared, dressed as a stick of celery.
Kind of dampens the mood, you know?
What can I say, I don't write it.
If I did we'd all be talking Swedish and wearing PVC catsuits.

'Sara, LOOK!'

Look at wha... wow!
The sun has started to set as we are nearing Vegas.
And what I see before me takes my breath away.
I don't let on, I've got a rep to keep and all.

Up ahead the bright lights of LV blaze out.
It's like someone just picked up a chunk of LA and dumped it down in the
middle of the desert.
The colours look so... well just, wow!
Looks real pretty.

'Ok M, you win, that was worth being woken up for. Next time don't poke so
hard; wake me up with a kiss or something.'

I smile and wink.
Trying to do my, 'I'm so cool, check me out' act.
She slaps my leg, but her hand stays there just a fraction of a second too
Ok, what was that about?

Wishful thinking again, Sara.
Let it go.

'With a kiss? Like sleeping beauty?'

'Yeah M, you can be my Prince Charming.'

Oh, so smooth.
No really Sara.
You moron!

'That's a role reversal. I thought you were meant to be mine?'

Me be HER Prince Charming?
What do I say to that?
Come on!?
Some slutty reply?
Some witty joke?
What do I say?

I just smile and nod 'cause for the life of me, I'm struck dumb.
That's cool though.
Her Prince Charming.
I know she's kidding.
She is, right?
Yeah, yeah, joking.

See, this is why I needed to get away.
I overanalyze everything she says to me.
Pick it clean until I can't find anymore double meanings.
What a way to live.

Still, I got to be her Prince, for like 30 seconds.

I smile and watch the lights of the big city draw closer; can almost smell
the money and sin from here.
Two of my favourite things.
And my other one?
Well that's sitting beside me, humming along to some tune on the radio.

I'm gonna like it here.

Nah, we're gonna like it here.


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Updates :)

And I thought you died...or left us. Wonderful and funny as usual. :)

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."

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I didn't leave...I've been busy.
Too busy.
Just started a new job and new semester in school.
So much stress.

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Don't Apologize

Hey if you're busy then don't apologize. Stress...grr...don't you hate it?

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."

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no no, you should apologize. you just keep leaving us wanting damnit ;) always wondering whats gonna happen next... the real world is so in the way sometimes:) haha. nah... you should be doing real-world things.... but i just like reading these :P dont stress, it doesnt get ya anywhere:)