Gay Marriage-- Unify.

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Come on, Oasis, where are we on this?

Do you want to lose your rights?
Do you want to let the government make us second-class citizens?
With every step, the control will get stronger, so let's stop them now while we still can.

Write to your Congresspersons. If you're not sure of how to do that,
Email me at anytime,, and I'll respond ASAP.
I want our community to rally behind this cause.

Let's act-
let's write petitions, letters to representatives, a simple declaration of your stance.

I understand that secrecy is still an issue for many of you- as it is for myself, as I am still not out at school, or to the majority of my family- but there are ways to get involved and support the cause without telling the world your sexuality. If you want more info, talk to me about this!

Recognize that the time for action is now.
Do you realize how much impact our voice could have if we just unify?
If you're not working for change, you're working against it.
Work for change and make this victory happen.


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HRC moved the petition, now it's here. Do peruse their main page, though, it's well worth it. Some other things you can do...
Write your congressperson
Register to vote and then actually do it!

Also, here are some articles on the topic, from,,, and the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune's business section, respectively. And boy, was I surprised to see that last one.
On a personal note, I agree with you wholeheartedly. The time is right now, and would you believe it, we are winning. That's the real reason behind the Federal Marriage Ammendment, behind all the grandstanding and election-year politicking. They know we're winning. We're winning in Massechusets, we're winning in Canada, we're winning in California. We're winning across the Atlantic. We're winning in small towns in Minnesota, and Organized Hate is really starting to piss itself. We are winning, and we can beat this.

For several years, one of my stock pithy .sigs has been "be there for the revolution." Well, guess what? Against all odds, just now, the revolution showed up. Is everyone on the bus?

TeeAhr1 just won't shut up.

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Viva La Revolucion!

Viva La Revolucion!

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Just to clarify: We don't have rights to lose because we're already second class citizens.

I am Willy Wonka.

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On a metaphysical level: Yeah. Rights, much like power, sprouts out of the business end of a gun, and they've got the guns.

On a practical level: Yeah again. But really, what are rights? (heheh...what is is?) America is pretty unique (sez me, anyway) in that we have this idea of "inalienable" or "God-given" rights, and I think it's a pretty naive idea that's served mostly to keep us docile and hold us back. Throughout American history, our rights (whether it be to unionize, vote, or sit in the front of the bus) have, more or less, precisely equaled what we were willing to get together, take for ourselves, and keep. So let's stand up and take 'em.

Love, baby, love.

TeeAhr1. Giant.

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Maybe I should hire you to write my posts for me, since that's pretty much what I meant in the first place.
Tell it like it is, brother!
-love emily

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Right on

You can email me as well at, and I will be of as much assistance as possible.
Remember- despite some cynical (albeit possibly true) replies from jeff, we do deserve these rights, even if, thus far, we don't have them.
This is a new wave, people. We have the chance to be HEARD.
I'm still working on a large proposal, a large call to arms, that I've mentioned on my blog. This will be the first group that sees it- I'd love your comments, etc, when it makes it up there.
Make sure to check out and sign their million for marriage petition
Peace out,
Nat Miller
"If we all practice an eye for an eye, we will all go blind"- Gandhi

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I live in England now so I ha

I live in England now so I have no congressperson, but I used to live in NY and I would live there again if I could bring my gf with me, but I can't because of immigration not acknowledging same-sex partners, married or not. But I feel inclined to offer some kind of service of solidarity and put my email down too...a friend from the university lgb group and i have been making patches for safety pinning on t-shirts and backpacks with witty (not) sayings on them...

(my latest tacky creations have been: a square of brown corduroy trouser fabric with the word 'EMO' written on it in black sharpie, and a pink fleece with lace trim, little flower appliques and purple organdy bows, with the word 'butch' puffpainted in the middle in curly script...)

if anyone wants us to make u some pro gay marriage ones, email me: rainbowriter at hotmail dot com.



Dreaming of the Blue Hawaiian Diner...

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I am and have been for quite a while supporting and working for Marriage Equality. And yes, we should write to our congress person! Good point to point out.

Love and Peace- Arwen(cita)