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What are your long term goals in life and short term goals at the moment?

If you don't have any perhaps now would be a good time to think what they should be, as, everyone needs them.

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My goals in a nutshell...

Well they aren't literally in a nutshell but you know what I mean.

Long term goals...I want to find the partner I want to share my life with, get a great teaching job I love, start a family, and extend that family by becoming a foster family.

Short term goals...start looking for someone to love me and that I love, finish school and get my teaching degree, and just to continue having fun with my best friend when ever I am home from college.

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Short term: earn some more money (shallow I know, but poverty is a bitch), do good with my current class and internship

longer term: Finish my masters, get a "real" job (being a professional student is fun, but the pay sucks), move as far away from here as possible, oh, and find myself a nice girl to love ;-)

**I'm willing to find out what impossible means**

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Actually I've put some though

Actually I've put some thought into these.

Short term: Do my best in math (Which sounds corny, but it has personal meaning) and get a REAL boyfriend.

Medium term: Hike the west coast trail, get accepted into mcgill.

Long term: Start my own architecture firm, have a loving partner (at the moment I can't imagine a family)

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mine are

short term : get oasis version next, and other community web projects rolled out. Actually go clubbing for a change and not stay at home every saturday night playing playstation (this is a _REAL_ toughy).

long term : err.. work in game development/ open source with lots of decent bandwidth , and even if I don't have a boyfriend, make it not be important to me.. as I believe my own life should be fulfilling enough for me to find happiness and hanging my future wellbeing off of another person is not healthy. If i have a boyfriend, love him with undying loyalty and love.

Putting the HEAD back into Hedonism

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helluva question


Short term: get back into college and do well, write more, get out of (non-school) debt, stay off drugs, quit smoking

Medium-long term: get my degree, either be in love wholeheartedly or, failing that, pimp it wholeheartedly ;-) Write my generation's Great American Book.

TeeAhr1. Raving batshit loony? Or HOPE FOR MAN??

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Not a goal oriented person

I only have one goal in life, it falls under both the long term and the short term category, and that is to be happy with whatever decisions I make in life.

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Amen to that goal!!!

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i know what i want

long term, get into a good uni and visit other countries. not bothered whether i get a boyfriend. i just believe it will happen when the time comes.

short term, get good grades for my tests. have fun on next weekend with some frens in the city. stop procrastinating and surf the net less.

sigh...... life sucks....... sometimes i think i ask too much from my life.

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wha a SILLY question!

*averting eyes* ......so....how r the wife & kids?
"keep ur thorns,cuz m running away" -Mudvayne
"simply being loved, loved, loved -- it's more than enough"-BT