hey y'all

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Been a while, life's been hectic y'know...hope to be spending more time around here now that I'm a little bit more settled in. In my mother's house, that is, for the first time in almost seven years (a third of my life, do the math). It's totally Bizarro World, obviously, but it's been pretty damn good. I feel like I'm doing the right thing here, fixing what's broken. And my family life has been...damn broken, for many years. I really feel like the gods have given me a second chance here, and I don't intend to squander it. Here's hoping y'all out there are having a good day. TeeAhr loves ya, baby.


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good to see you around again!
it has been awhile, but i'm glad you're doing good.
love emily

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Hey yourself!

Ditto! How are you?

TeeAhr1. The other white meat.