Holding Hands

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I’m so tired right now that stationary things are moving.

But the posts must go on.

Saw that controversial Jesus Christ movie that everyone’s been raving about, and I must say that I’m impressed. It was well done, though I don’t think it did for me what it did and will do for many others who go to see it.

I went with two female friends of mine, one of which I somewhat have feelings for. Interestingly enough, she ended up reaching for my hand in the middle of the movie (the violence bothered her?), and we sat there in the theatre for the remaining hour or so holding hands and snuggled close like lovers. Still not quite sure whether it was her, or the fact that it was just a girl I was holding that made me enjoy that.

Anyway...I should probably try sleeping before my head hits the keyboard and this post starts to make no sense at all. Hope everyone’s doing well.