lets see what you all think......

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do you guys think its morally wrong to have sex before marriage?! if so, can you explain you're reasoning?

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Hmmmm, tricky subject. Like

Hmmmm, tricky subject. Like most anything in life I believe that its totally situational. There are people for whom sex is such a powerful expression of emotion and love that to have casual sex would be a bad thing for them. They need a commited environment. But than there are those where sex is basically exercise, just like going to the gym.

Personally, I don't think a little piece of paper and the tax benefits associated with it make it morally ok to have sex. If your in love, have sex. Or don't. What goes on between two (or more I guess, not my scene though) concenting adults really doesn't play into morality in my mind. The only thing moral about sex is staying with the boundaries of your partner(s). If you love somebody that won't be an issue.

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I think it's morally wrong to sleep with more than one person in your whole life. I'm sorry. That's just the way I feel. As far as marriage, most same sex couples can't get married so what does that say? Just because you're married, it doesn't mean that it's morally ok to have sex either, like Daniel said. I believe it's okay if you're in love, in reality a piece of paper and a license doesn't mean anything. I just think it's morally wrong to have sex and not be committed to that person or just being interested in one thing.

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i think

it's morally wrong to allow dogma to rule your life.

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nicely put

and i agree!!

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As far as sex is concerned, a

As far as sex is concerned, as long at is between two people who are both concenting and are honest with each other as to where the relationship stands, I don't think its a moral issue (and even if people aren't honest with each other, if it doesnt involve me personally, its likely none of my business). Personally, I would not be comfortable having sex with someone I am not in love with, or whom I felt does not love me, but again, as long as no one is getting hurt, what other people do in their bedrooms is really not my concern.

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Sex, to me, is nothing sacred. It is what you want to make it. Premarital sex sets you up so that you have to get married in order to have sex. But if you can't legally marry, what then? You could get a member of clergy to marry you anyways, but what makes that any different than a slip of paper claiming legal recognition?

What I'm trying to allude to is that as long as you love someone, sex is fine. It's when sex is used as a defense mechanism that I disapprove of sex. If you have sex to escape from problems or as a kind of stress-reliever, then you're having sex for the wrong reasons. Or maybe I'm dragging my morality into this.

I don't hold anyone to my system of morals, as they're mine and no one else's. If you do what you want because you want to do it, then I don't mind. To each his own.

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I agree entirely.

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safe sex guys....

me and my friend is always debating about this

i believe that sex before marriage is not morally wrong, its morally wrong if theres no protection or testing, thats my opinion because when you take a big step you have to take on the responsibilities.

my friend on the other hand (who is a straight boy) thinks that you should only share that special moment with one person instead of handing out all the special moments to any joe shmoe or mary jane. but he's had some problems so he holds a lot of things sacred.

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in most scenarios, i dont see sex to be any different than any other sexual acts. a kiss, a blow job-these are not sex, but i dont see them as being 'morally' different. and most people are very comfortable kissing people who they aren't in relationships with, or aren't in love with.
and i dont see sex as having very much at all to do with love, and thus, have a hard time grasping the concept that one should 'wait' til love or as suggested, marriage. sex is not love. sex is not a way (in my opinion) to prove ones love. sex is lust.
i know im cynical and slutty, but hey, u wanted opinions!

-bi the way of kerith-

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lets see what you think about this....

I loved all you're opinions, I didnt think that I would get that many responses. Thank you for all sharing to me what you think, but after answering what you thought about that, what do you feel about threesomes, morally incorrect? not morally incorrect, whats your opinion on that issue?!

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Love and stuff

If everyone is up for it and no one is getting hurt how could it possibly be wrong?