long time no speak

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Every time I log on here after not being back for awhile I'm horrified by my what my last two entries are. I think it's cause I'm often writing here when I'm livid or wired over something or my lack of something. Late at night, on holidays, when I'm depressed, when I'm happy (too happy), and all the others times that I can't describe seem to be the time that I write on Oasis.

I hope this is a different time and I think it might be because I'm left without a whole lot to say. My secrets, which I often share here will remain my secrets today but I might be able to share other things. My organization is in a weird state. I'm running it but I want to be a broad next semester and no one has stepped up to take my place. I feel like the son who is about to loose the family farm and I'm running out of time.


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Glad you're back!!

Glad you're back!!