New Melissa Etheridge album!

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Is great! Every time she does something new, it totally blows me away.

From Lucky, Melissa Etheridge (2004)
Reprinted without permission, but totally out of love

You tried to hold us down/You tried to hold us back
You tried to make us wrong/You tried to make us crack
You wanted to see us cry/You wanted to see us leave
You didn't count on the tide/You didn't count on the pride
You didn't count on me

I am a giant/And I'm not alone
Winds of change have blown
And the walls come tumbling down

And I've learned from my mistakes/Picked myself up off the floor
I have learned just what it takes/Now I am stronger than before
And we are standing side by side/We are determined now to win
We have come too far/And we've got the scars
And we are never going back into the shadows again


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Thats all I have to say about that besides the fact that I think I need to go out and get the album now.

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Melissa Etheridge is like the religion in my house. I grew up listening to her...literally. By the age of four I was singing most of her older songs. Now I know basically all of em. Just ask Beryl. ^-^ I've gone to two of her concerts and hopefully this summer there will be a third. Her album "Lucky" is awesome. "Tuesday Morning" is especially nice!
~Lisa Faery~

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Yeah, that might be my second-favorite song from the album, or maybe "Meet Me In The Dark." I think the whole thing is fantastic, there's a whole range of arrangements and intruments and styles, but everything sounds perfectly in place.

I've never been, but this summer I will if I have to walk to Chicago.

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