Politiians, and stupidity

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I completely disagree with discrimination.
I think that gay's and lesbians should be equal.
I am completely against gay marriage.

This is not an argument made by republicans (what are they called, oh yes, compassionate fascists, er, I mean conservatives) but rather by democrats. Namely frontrunner John Kerry.


The constitution is the greatest document in the world.
It should only be changed when needed to help the country.
A ban should be placed on gay marriage by amending the contitution

okay WHAT THE F*U*C*K!!!!!

I mean seriously. Republicans are total jackasses.


Democrats are too scared to alienate the racists and homophobes from voting for them this year, that they won't commit to one position. What spineless jelly-fish! This is just ridiculous, stand up for what is right. Civil Unions are not equal to marriage- no matter how you look at it. It is just ridiculous!

Republicans: get your f***ing story straight (no pun intended)! And explain to me HOW gay marriage will ruin marriage- how it effects other marriages? No answer, oh yeah that's right. YOU ASSHOLES.

Sorry but I had to vent.

So I guess where exactly do we (homosexuals) stand, it seems as though no one will grant us what we really want. I mean I obviously will not vote for the Monkey who is currently in office, but should I vote for the democrat (probably Kerry)? I probably will, but I wonder how much better he will be in the long run.

Judges and the courts are our only source of justice. We can't rely on spineless democrats and log cabin republicans are just stupid. Libertarians have no one position. THe communists are communists and don't even like marriage. The greens are ridiculous. The populists are rich white snobs who feel guilty.

Politics is in shambles.

Perhaps soon a new force will arrive.


a dopo,

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Viva La Revolucion!

Democrats are just as bad, if not worse than republicans. Namely because while the Republicans will say what they mean and mean what they say regarding any sort of controversial topics (ie: gay marriage, stem cell research) the Democrats will fence sit or lie about how they really feel. Its unfortunate that every election comes down to picking between a lesser of two evils.

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My two cents

I agree with you; I think the Democrats, moreover politicians nowadays, are pusillanimous invertabrates (spineless cowards). They're so dedicated to staying in office or attempting to get in office that they don't say what's needed for the country but what they think will get them in the office the easiest.

I can't understand how someone can support equal rights for gays and still be against same-sex marriage. If one truly supported equal rights for gays then one would most certainly be for gay marriage. I'm assuming they're saying that they don't support gay marriage in an effort to pander to homophobes who couldn't stand gay marriage yet also trying to keep the votes of people who support equal rights for gays.

Kerry says he does not support gay marriage. Kucinich, Sharpton, and Brown all have said they support gay marriage, however, there is an extremely tiny chance of them getting elected. I think Edwards has said that he does not support gay marriage either. The one whom I think has the most potential for achieving gay marriage is Howard Dean. When asked if he supports gay marriage, he never drops the 'm word' but he does say that he supports equal rights. That to me is enough of an indication that, if elected, he will support gay marriage.

As far as these Republicans go...ugh. They claim to be conservative but there is nothing conservative about amending the Constitution. True conservatives are all for states' rights, not expanding federal government power. In fact, when asked if he supported gay marriage somewhere around 2000, Dick Cheney (emphasis on the dick) said that he thought that marriage was a power delegated to the states to decide, not the federal government. How's that for flip-flopping on issues. *cough Kerry cough*

In conclusion, I agree with you, eTgen, when you say that the Dems are too scared to alienate potential votes. I think that the best chance we (glbt) have of attaining the most rights is through Dean. His so-called "shoot from the hip" talk and record as Vermont governor is enough for me to see him as the most viable candidate. I'm going to be corny and liken this to doctoring (since Dean is a doctor): I feel like Dean is telling us (the larger American public) what we need to hear, even if we don't want to hear it. He's telling us that equal rights are a part of the constitution, that budgets need to be balanced, that universal healthcare is a good thing (I know you disagree about that, eTgen), and that we shouldn't be afraid of the truth.

Damn, I didn't want to come across as biased....

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some more thoughts

I've already voted, michigan held its caucuses a couple of days ago. I personally voted for Kerry, for a variety of reasons which really don't have much to do with gay marriage.

As far as the Republican party goes, their motives are pretty easy to figure out.
As Karl Rove likes to remind the Bush administration, a whole hell of a lot of evangelical christians didn't vote in the 2000 election. The republicans want those votes, so, they are putting out statements against gay marriage and the like, which may or may not work.

agreed, more traditional "states rights" conservatives are not overly enthused about things like federal rules on marriage (not to mention growning concern over budget issues, etc)

This puts the Democrats in an ackward position. They really don't want to
make social issues like gay marriage the main topic of debate, for fear that they might lose, especially in the south where the voters tend to be a great deal more conservative on social issues. Even Dean has said he wants to be the guy for the confederate flag flying southerners with a gun rack on their pickup truck (I dont recall the exact statement, and I think he took it back at some point). The Democrats would much rather talk about things like jobs and health care than they would about gay marriage. But, since the republicans have put it on the table, they have no choice but to respond. Hence, the wishy washy statements. They are trying to appease the more conservative wing of the party who will be going to the polls this fall, while at the same time, not alienate the more liberal wing which is much more likely to vote in the primaries.

given the way the primaries are going, it looks like Kerry pretty much has it. thus far, he has won 10 out of 12 states.

so, where do we go from here? first of all, we must not focus just on the president. the congress is also up for re-election, as is 1/3 of the senate, plus many local and state wide elections. All of whom play a part in this marriage battle, which thus far is being faught out more so on a state by state basis. all sorts of little battles are going on across the country on marriage and other issues which are of concern to the gay community. here in my state, there have been battles over local anti-discrimination ordinances, over changes in insurance policies, and over our governor's recent executive order banning discrimination in state government jobs.

**I'm willing to find out what impossible means**

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spineless demokratz

I don't personally think that the Democratic Party is too far from the Republicans these days, so the position on gay marriage adopted by Kerry doesn't surprise me. It really upsets me that Howard Dean isn't doing as well as I think he should be - I suppose we can blame the media for that. Dennis Kucinich, meanwhile, never stood a chance. On the other hand, I'm glad that Republicrat Joe Lieberman is doing as badly as he is.

I don't think that Kerry has a real opinion on gay marriage - politicians just adopt these positions in order to make "compromises" so that they can attract voters. In Taiwan right now, Lien Chan (Kuomintang) and James Soong (People First Party), pro-unification candidates running for president and VP, respecitively, are coming out and saying that they support Pres. Chen Shui-bian's pro-independence stance, presumably to draw votes away from the latter, even though they have always been in favor of unification with China. I think that politics require one to be a dishonest scumbag sometimes.