Relax, Don't Do It To Yourself Again

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I hand some cash over to the teller.
I just wanna get to our room.
We've had to wait behind a queue of 30 Japanese tourists.
They've taken our pictures twice so far.
Just wait 'til they get them developed!
I made sure I was checking out Madison's rack in both of them!
Yeah, old habits die hard.
Cheered me up!
Always like to slip something naughty into everything I do.
Makes life bearable, right?

'Miss Hill, Miss Knight, you're in room 2345.'
He shows Madison a little map and walks her through the journey to our room.
I stopped listening when he started going on about room specials.
I look round at the foyer.
This place is amazing!
Like, there's idiots dressed up, and god damn trapeze artists flying about.
Oh yeah, this is Circus Circus, ain't it?
Makes sense now.

Can this guy drone on anymore?
Just give her the fuckin' directions!
Come on, jeez!
Madison's concentrating on his instructions, like a good girl.
Course, I'm just looking at her, wondering if we get a double bed.
Cut it out, Sara!
Wonder how much you have to pay in this place to get a room number in single
I don't think we're ever gonna find out; high rollers we ain't.

'Ok, Sara... Sara!? Come on!'
She tugs on my arm, sending little shocks up it.
God, I am so easy for her to spark up.
Get's my engine revving in the red section every time.

'Did you pack your compass, M? This place is fuckin' HUGE!'

'I don't need one. I'm good with maps.'
She looks at it, kinda confused.
She tilts her head, looks round, turns it upside down, looks round some more,
then pulls me off in the direction I hope our room's in.

'Good with maps? Just not these ones, huh?'

We wander round for 5 minutes, then finally find the lift to take us up to
floor 23.
Floor 23!?
How big IS this place?

Finally, we're here.
The room ain't bad.
It was dirt cheap, but it's big.
We got two doubles.
That wasn't my choice, obviously.
I wanted a Queen size, you know, in case M got scared in the middle of the
night and needed someone to cuddle up to.

'God, I need a shower. Unpack for me, M? Try not to fondle my underwear too
I smirk at her as I walk into the bathroom.

'Gross Sara! Don't be long, I want one too. I feel all grimy. Ooo, we have to
go out and see the lights too!'

She's all excited, smiley and rushing round like a cheerleader on drugs.

'Hey, we can save time if you shower with me. What d'ya say? I'll scrub your
back if you scrub mine?'

I can't help smile.
It's true, I would LOVE to scrub her back, and whatever else happens to be
in arms reach.
She thinks I'm yanking her chain though.

She walks over to me, trying to look pissed, but I can see a smile tugging away at her mouth.
'One of these days I'm going to call your bluff, now go and shower!'

She pushes me into the bathroom and closes the door.
Lucky she did, because my face is red hot.
Wasn't expecting that.
I laugh.
What a chump you are, Sara!

Ok, COLD shower time.
Then off to check the bright lights out.

Why do I have a feeling that this trip is gonna get REAL interesting?