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Today, out of sheer force of procrastination I logged onto friendster. If you don't know about it, it's an online community where people post profiles and are linked to each other through their friends.

So I was browsing, I changed my photo cause it was old and I didn't like it, saw how my fiends profiles had changed then went to the gallery. It's where you can view all the profiles on you personal network (friends of friends of friends who are almost invariably strangers to me) and filter the results by sex, age geography, wether their looking form men or women... I of course searched for the profiles of men seeking men in my area.

Before I say this, I have to preface it with the comment that I have been a friendster member for a while (since the summer) and I understand that place images to make them seem more sexy or brainy cosmopolitan but some of the gay men's profiles I saw today were straight up SKANKY! On the first page of the search result was guy who's primary image was a head to toe shot of him in a jockstrap.

This was new, I expected to occasionally see a topless gym bunny pic, and I even think those are in bad taste but come on, PLEASE WEAR PANTS.

The next photo I saw a few pages later was a guy who was fully clothed but was lying on a couch with his fist in his crotch and his eyes rolled back. Is this how I should be gaining friends online? Why would one want himself to be labeled in the minds of hundreds of strangers as jockstrap boy? or masturbating guy?

This perplexes me.

I hate how now I suddenly feel very conservative because of what I saw. I hate seeming conservative. Someone help me!!


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Skanks R US

Its so like that on facethejury too...alot of the girls are in their bra and undies and im like....ick...tasteless...trashy...haha
_Dont waste your time on me, you're already the voice inside my head_

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Wir alle sind Skänker

Go to and look at the Personals section, especially for areas like Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangdong, then count how many profiles have nude pics or close-ups of guys' thingies.

I don't think you're being conservative - I don't consider myself conservative even to the slightest degree, but I agree that it's fairly tasteless to post pics like that.

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for reals....

Yeah I thought Friendster was pretty bad until I went to FaceTheJury or Observative. Some people just do not give a dam. They gay guys are the worst sometimes, I'm like ohhh god!!

I like Observative because you can rate people from Loser to Model, so all day I'm like LOSER, LOSER, LOSER it's great. :)

-Theres always tomorrow.

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If it wasn't for Oasis I woul

If it wasn't for Oasis I would probably think that the entire gay community was composed of skanks.