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I really really really wish I could write as imaginatively as Slam poets do. Actually now that I think about it, Emily, you'd rock as a Slam poet. It was kind of ironic that the first author's name I saw was Erin Elizabeth. I laughed to myself and at myself. Anyway, here's a sample of a poem that I found.

Mystery Misery

The girl with no name tag
behind the dunkin donuts counter
at three a.m.
smiling with thin lips
jelly glazed sweet
too early in the morning
(or is it too late)
and she remembers
that I like three extra sugars
(not two)
in my large Iced Coffee.

I'd leave her a tip
but there's no jar,
scribble my number on a napkin
(like that's a tip)
just to throw it away.

I take my torment black,
no cream, no sugar.
I'll suffer in anonymity,
and enjoy the
powdered pre-dawn
chatter of strangers.

Renee L. Marshall

If only...bloody if onlys...I could write this way. I'm too rigid and formal in my poetry. :(


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i really like that poem! at first i thought you had written it, and i was about to explode my computer with praise. i'm confident that you could write like that.

thanks for saying i'd rock as a slam poet, i've considered that, but at the moment i'm way too shy to stand on a stage and rant out my poems. it'd be fun as hell if i ever loosen up.

speaking of which, if you want to "loosen up" in your poetry, then stream-of-consciousness is the way to go. just sit with your notebook somewhere that makes you feel something- comfortable, alone, delighted, overwhelmed, alienated, hostile, frustrated, afraid- and write until you run of ink or words, whichever comes first. don't worry about writing things that are stupid or don't make any sense.

this has worked best for me personally, i'd recommend giving it a try. have fun with that and let me know what comes out!

also, you do keep a notebook, right? i think you've mentioned that you have before. i find that keeping a journal- just a few pages a day- keeps my writing fluid.
okay. i'll stop now. love ya.

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Stream of Consciousness

I do have a journal and try to write in it daily. As for just free writing, that's harder to do when there really isn't anything to say. Honestly I'm quite dull. :( But I really wish I was able to write like a Slam poet. You definitely can write like one, as for performing, well that's your call. :)

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."

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Oh yeah?

Well if you're so dull... then how come I like you so much?

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it's been a long time since you've had yourself examined. If you did, you'd see that I'm dull. Dull as dirt. Which also tastes bad.

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."