Someone else knows I'm bi!

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Today I told my sister (17 years old) that I'm bisexual! She's the first
non-Oasis person to know. We were just chatting, and I was asking her about one
of her friends. She's staying at this friend's tonight, and I asked her if her friend's
male friend was going to be staying over. She said that her friend's mother
doesn't care, because she's convinced that this male friend is gay.
Got all that? :)

We just continued chatting about why her mother thinks that way, and then she,
kind of jokingly, asked me if I was gay. I responded, "No, I'm bisexual". She
thought I was joking, but then she saw that I was serious. I was smiling, so she
thought I was fooling around. I was just smiling because I couldn't believe that
the truth slipped out-- just like that!

She was kind of like "Oh." And then she hugged me, saying "Oooh, I feel so close
to you!" etc etc. Hmm. Anyway, she then surprised me by telling me about how
two of her female friends are actually bisexual! It's always funny-- I feel as
if I'm the only queer person I know, but I know that that's impossible. I
have probably met some queer people at University, but they just haven't told
me about their sexual orientation, or they, like me, haven't really told anybody.
Actually, that's a lie: I know one person who is a lesbian. Other than that one
person, I don't know anybody else.

Well, I suppose I'm now closer to being more open about my sexuality with people
in my physical life (as opposed to people on the Internet. Not that you're not
all wonderful, but, you know...). Still, I keep thinking about the question
from my first blog: "Where to from here?" Well, I know that I should tell my
parents, which will happen soon, but, other than that, what? I remember Jazzer
(who I haven't seen on the site in a while) saying that I should join a campus
LBGT group. Maybe, but I don't know. I'm not a particularly shy person, but, in
some situations, I can be very shy. I think this would be one of those situations.

Well, that's it. My first "coming out" experience. Whoa. Do I feel...different?
I'm not sure-- kind of, I guess. A bit better, I think. Next, my parents, I
suppose. Then, my friends...some time. I'm still worried about the impact on my
male friends (see my previous blog. See it and comment, dammit! ;) ). Do I tell
them, or should I just be open about it, if asked. I'll decide, eventually.

Well, that's it. Another really long blog, but, again, it's very important. And,
it's exciting! If this entry doesn't get promoted to the main page, I don't know
what will! C'mon, Adrian, do it! :)

Best to everyone (and don't leave without commenting, or I'll getcha!...)



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Commenting so you won't kill me...

nah. I'm commenting because I want to, out of my... "free will". Never again am I using that term... Don't ask me why. Long story

Anyways... Congratulations on your first coming out experience! I don't know about everyone else, but when I first told someone, it felt good to get it off my chest. I also feel like it became sort of an addiction... I couldn't stop telling people. Knowing that people accepted me for who I am made me stronger, you could say. I'm not as insecure as I used to be.

Just remember you're not alone in coming out. It takes a build-up of courage the first few times. It gets easier after, in my opinion. Once the people you care the most about know, the others seem like walks in the park, or they did for me. Sorry if there was too much of me in there and not enough of you. I tend to talk about myself too much.

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Whoo Hoo :)

I haven't told anybody in the "real" world other than my best friend who figured it out for me. (Sorta). My advice is to be as comfortable as possible when telling others. Tell those you feel most comfortable telling first, obviously, so as to ensure some level of self-confidence. Join the group if you think it'll help. I'd join one if I could only get rid of this damn paranoia.

As for the front page, you deserve to be on it. :)

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Plz don't getch me

sounds like my first coming out experience except mine was to my best freind. I have told quite a few people since then and they have all been easy to tell but I haven't told anyone as important to me as him again.

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coming out to lunch?

I have come out to a bunch of people. Some friends, my family, class mates of mine. It is always a relief to me, like a weight has been lifed from my shoulders.

I was telling my mom the other day that I finally confessed my love to dan. (previous few blogs) He, alas, is straight and while we remain friends, I feel like we have grown apart a little. Before I told him, we were realy close and enjoyed eachothers company. And while he says nothing has changed, I sense a little extra static. It is really depressing to me, but I told myself before I told dan that this is exactly what might happen and that I was prepared for it. Well I wasn't.

I have spent nights crying and days thinking. I guess it's really a waste of time to dwell on it, but I love him so much and he knows and it's like he doesn't care. *sigh*

Oh, well.

I guess all Im saying is to choose carefully who you tell.

ego amare aliquis calo

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Thank you! Thank you!

Thanks so much, everyone, for your comments and advice! I most definitely take each comment and piece of advice very seriously.

And a very special thank you to Adrian for fulfilling my very special wish...that's right, promoting my entry to the main page! Now that I know many people can see my blog entry, I know who exactly is not replying! Now my "get" list will be even more accurate!!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

...OK, time to shuffle back into my quiet corner.

Thanks all,


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Sorry about the double post...

This WAS a double post. Please delete it, because I don't know how.

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Why do they have titles?

You know? I have not told a SINGLE family member. Congradulations! The only people that know are three people at school (if the blockhead can get it figured out) and chat friends and oasians! I find that once you come out to a few people... it's like... so much easier to talk with people again! And you can talk freely! ;)
So keep it up! Hope you feel a bit better!

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