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Sorry, sorry, sorry. Whoever said that people are happier when they're busy and rushed should take a vacation (and/or join a community such as Oasis, fall in love with it, and try to keep up with it).

I do drop in often to keep up with your blogs, but I can't find the time to update my own. Some of you continue to amaze me as far as writing goes. Sheesh.

But anyway I think I'll update with a poem.
I suppose you could say that I wrote it in something like the stream-of-conscious Emily talked about. I do agree that it's the best way to write poetry that I can think of.

Told the World

Why do I crave your poetry?
I don’t know if you write poetry,
But to me you are the word
That Webster couldn’t dream up in time to define
The most beautiful poem
On the shadowed face of the earth

That girl by your side...your friend
She dares to smile that long at you
And there's no way on hell or anywhere
I'd dare to smile like that

She’s not your lover, and she probably doesn’t want it
Though she's a lot closer to having it
Than I
Because it feels like I'm missing something (everything)
To people like you, something is everything
And I have neither
I am girl who loves a girl in love

Could I drag you along, deep in my mind?
See what you find, honey.
What did you find, darling?

I told the whole world how I shivered when you laughed
But no one heard
No one even noticed
So come to my mind and stay awhile
Before they all realize how much they love you
And call you back for more

At least you’re called back
For more

And if I could love and be loved
Be tortured by a sweet thing
I would choose only you, my love
You’re drifting away
Like it should be easy for me to wave you off
And still somehow what I mean is
I’d choose only you


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that's so...

if a girl wrote to me like that, i'd absolutely melt into her arms.

come back with a bang, why don't you?
that was beautiful, girl!
welcome back!
love emily

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I see some definite melting going on. At least if that was read to me. :)

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."