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Hi Everyone...

Well, it's only a few more sleeps till Mardis Gras. When 500,000 people, Gay, Lesbian, Bi , straight peoples, families all come to gether to watch the most amazing floats celebrating gay life and's special for most people, but for me it's extra special cause one mardi gras when I was 14 me and my friend from school snuck out of home to watch it and that night we both came out to each other and kissed, my very 1st kiss. Anyway enough memory lan, if you can ever get down to see it please try, it's awesome no matter what "lights your candle"..

CAIO Bella and Bellos


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how could you not know? :)

yeah a whole bunch of my friends are road tripping it up i think, at least i know they've been planning it. i wouldnt mind doing the trip one day. girl i used to see went upwith her friend one year and said they had a ball. i think itd be the after-party's that would rock out ^_^

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Wrong Weekend

Well, I am a total mong, it's this coming wonder my friends were lokking at me funny...anyways it will be a blast and yes the party is HUGGGGGGGE...there is a always a "mystery performer" the past it has been Kylie, Madonna, this year it is rumoured to be Brittney.

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2 More Sleeps till Mardis Gras

Sorry to bore you all but I am very excited, I promise to post pics of the Parade, the marching boys, the Dykes on Bikes the Mardi Gras party and lots of cute boys and Grrrrls....

"Australia, where sexual boundaries are very blurred"....