Where is everyone from and how old?

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It seems like there is alot of young people on this list?
Duh... "A writing Community for queer YOUTH"

but there are people on here that are like 18 - 25? Yeah??

Oh yeah and tell us where you’re from.. California here.:)


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I'm 18, will be 19 in May and am from IL but go to school in OH.

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I'm 23, and I live in Michigan, metro Detroit area

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15, from utah. Mostly here to read the interesting stories =].


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boise open to lez and gay students?

im 20 livin in cali and might go to BSU for school. are they cool w/lezzies there?any gay clubs there ?

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Half Scandanavian , Half Asian.

23 here from Manila.

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im 15 from seattle the (should be)capital of Washington i like long walks on the beach and bitch slapping people =] only 4 hours away from canada and 24 hours away from asia =]

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i feel old

I'm 20 from upstate new york.

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Finally! Someone from New Yor

Finally! Someone from New York. I was feelin kinda alone up here. I'm from North Rockland though...

Oh, I'm 17 in a week.

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I'm also a New Yorker, but I'

I'm also a New Yorker, but I'm from that part that has the people who talk funny and live on crowded islands. My family used to vacation in the Catskills.

I happen to be 20.

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Age and stuff

Hey! I'm 18 and i'm from Michigan, USA.

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Aedyn i love that name, and t

Aedyn i love that name, and that picture is soo beautiful! k so anyway im from north dakota... and and im not a farmer... and throw out all the stereotypes that come after north dakotan lol there are like five people in this state who fit that discription. oh and im 16... -vince

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I am 15 (16 in april) and I live in Waunakee and Madison Wisconsin. Two homes.
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im 17 and from south eastern ontario, canada. ummm could you ppl from the states write the name of your state because i dont know what OH is...im guessing ohio but..yah. thnx

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Quite inconsiderate of me, I'm sorry. You're right; OH is Ohio and IL is Illinois.

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."

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I live in Lancashire during holidays and Norwich during Semester...in England...anybody else who is Brittish IM me PLEASE!! Oasis is soo American! Not that I don't like Americans, they are just so far away.

And I'm 18. 19 in April :( then I will be twenty, how did this happen!? ARGH!!

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hey im 17 and from melbourne, australia :)

-bi the way of kerith-

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i can like to be

i'm a 22 year old web developer from johannesburg south africa.

my personal website (with a nifty little about page) is at daemon.co.za.

I am you webmistress ? master ? slave ? .. fill in the blanks at oasismag.com. A position I have had for a bit more than a year since I took over running the site from jeff , our founder.

For more about oasis' history

anyway. enjoy oasis, and have fun
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16 and in Ennis Texas (30min

16 and in Ennis Texas (30min south of Dallas)...enjoying a winter thunderstorm =)
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20, melbourne, australia heeeya!

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I'm 19 and I live in Bloomington, Indiana and Carmel, Indiana in the summer. I go to Indiana University (woot!).

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the dead greek boy

I'm twenty-eight years old and I live in San Carlos, California, USA, which is about thirty miles (50 km) south of San Francisco.

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I'm 16 (almost 17) from Jacks

I'm 16 (almost 17) from Jacksonville, Florida. I'm kind of new and I haven't really posted yet. Just getting used to everything. If anyone wants to talk or something though you can im me.... craZi star lover

C'est la vie.

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Parlez-vous français?

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I'm 21 and currently in Illin

I'm 21 and currently in Illinois. Very shortly however, I will be in California.

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i'm 15 and here in san antonio texas

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Yeah, the age and location thingy.

I am 19 and I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. And I am new to this site, but i have known of it for about 6 years.

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Scotland: irn-bru, whiskey, bagpipes and kilts

i'm 15 (be 16 in july....man thats scary) and i live in Scotland in the UK.

x peace x

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I want to go to Scotland! One of my goals.


"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."

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scottish accents are so damn sexy....you are lucky...

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16, New England, USA (as much

16, New England, USA (as much as I hate it)


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Born before Christ, raised by wolves

22, everyone says I look way older (which was cool when I was 19, but somehow less so the older I get), born in Buffalo, Minnesota (50 mi. west of Minneapolis), left in '98, ranged all over for the next some years, came home this past December.

TeeAhr1. Just now in from the long walk home.

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that's not a bad thing

people who look older than they are at a young age, tend to age gracefully.


just means you will be a hot dirty old man

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will undoubtedly get you anywhere you want to go, you smooth talkin' son of a gun, you...

TeeAhr1. Raving batshit loony? Or HOPE FOR MAN??

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Don't feel bad...

I'm the opposite of you (i.e. look younger than what I am). Growing up as a teen it was a pain. Most guys/girls would ignore me because I looked illegal (also the fact that I'm only 5'0 and weigh 103 pounds probably influences that a lot).

Ah, well...

By the way I'm 25 (still don't look it) and live in Florida.

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Been a long time...

24. Oh my god, that makes me sick. South Bend, IN. Used to write for Oasis back when it was in its old mag form. Memories. Seven years ago. Damn am I old.


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Hey that's not old... i'm 23

Hey that's not old... i'm 23 so i'm right behind you...

We are still very young :)

-Theres always tomarrow.

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Here I go...

I'm 24 living in Little Rock, Arkansas. Hopefully after I graduate, I'll be back in good old California.

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I'm 21, ouch. and I go to school in Southeastern New York. NY Maritime to be exact. I live close by in Piermont NY.
I have only been subscribing for a few months now, but really enjoy the outlet it affords me. I think that even some of the support I have already recieved has really helped. SO THANKS EVERYONE!!

ego amare aliquis calo

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I'm 21 (DOB 20 August, 1982), originally from Seattle, Washington, and presently living in Hami, Xinjiang, People's Republic of China.

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Hi erbody

im 16(Sept.7,1987) fresh outa Richmond Virginia:p

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I just turned 20 (Aaah!), and I live in Toronto, ON, Canada. When I first started posting here (end of Dec./03-beginning of Jan./04), it seemed like there were more Canadians! What happened to you guys?! :)


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maybe we're all in hibernatio

maybe we're all in hibernation (lol).

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well I am a big old whoppin' 16 year old country girl, straight out of Maine. I didnt see anyone who was from Maine on this site. A little sad, but hey you never know.

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I'm from Canada!

I just don't post very often. There's definitely a few more of us kicking around...
I'm 24 and live in Vancouver, BC.

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I love Vancouver! I hope to

I love Vancouver! I hope to live there in the future after I'm all settled down and all :)

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new member

i'm 19 and living in new york city
but originally from New Jersey...oh yea....jersey...

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I'm in....Delaware

Yes....pity is welcome. At least it's easy to get to cool places ;) Oh, and I'm 24.

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Pity? But no sales tax....Think of it! Everything you buy is the listed price!

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While 99 cents actually means 99 cents...

Please remember the state bird is the blue hen...look it up...eerily chilling in a not so happy way ;)

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wayne's world quote intentional, yes?


Dreaming of the Blue Hawaiian Diner...