Writer's Block: a poem to my Prodigal Muse

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:could i
:have to say?
nothingnothing painfully nothingnothing

miss you honey, miss you Muse
miss you baby(poetry)baby

i treated you good
oh didn't i Muse?
i never gave you
too much to do

why other poets
overload their Muses
we'd worked out a nice mutual respect, i thought.

love, don't be silly
lady, come down
i swear by this poem
come back from the stars

"...when suddenly, out of the darkness, came..."

...came what?
-the prodigal Muse?

-a sentence?

-a poem?

-the ending to this spectacularly dull story?

-the right word to unlock
the wintry chamber inside and free
my poor frozen Muse
from february's dark hell?

words to tempt the lovely,
lay them on an altar piled with
rotting flowers, lady my lovely

i try to tempt the Muse with
lovely things
tokens of fidelity to
her inspiration

don't you like
strawberries my girl;
what about rose petals? tea leaves? walt whitman?
don't you want to come into
spring with me with words and blossoms

what's wrong, Muse?
have i bruised
your tender simile,
sprained your metaphor,
or offended some syntax?
did i wrong you in
that vivid description
of the
the morning after
in my mind?

--honestly: women! can't live with them, can't be a lesbian without them. i trusted my Muse, respected her in all my work, then she goes and throws in the towel. i've always considered the position of Muse a relatively cushy job- good hours, good pay, minimum hazard and great benefits. but this Muse of mine, oh, she won't have it. i'd swear she was on strike if i thought she'd join a union. she's far too proud- with a stamp of her shapely, golden-sandaled foot, and a toss of her gossamer hair, she spreads her wings and is off to the islands. come back, lady! can't i tempt you with anything i own?--

oh Muse, jealous Muse,
who like the moon grows full and thin;
fickle Muse, to you i owe my allegiance-
come back.


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Personally I don't like strawberries, but that's beside the point. Gorgeous writing as usual. Do you ever write anything terrible? Btw, your comment about women cracked me up. :)

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."