Your Future

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Here's a piece of paper. Start planning your life. Conform. Right now. Write it
all down. Choose your future they tell you. Here are your options, take notes.
Write it down. Finalize it. Set it in stone. Conform.

Yes, that's right, plan out your next four years or so. But be cautious,
screw up in those four years...and you're screwed for life. So choose wisely.

Yes, that's right, Conform. Be like us: Fruitful, Ambitious, Kind, Efficient, Serious.

Write your life down in stone. No surprises. No failures. To put it plainly:
No living. Just follow the little piece of paper. Conform. Dont even breathe
the wrong way, you might blow the little piece of paper clear off the desk,
and then what would you do?

Choose carefully and you'll never fail at anything you do.

But maybe, just maybe, that's because everything you try to do...Was written
on a little piece of paper.


No surprises. No fun. No excitement. No creativity. No uniqueness.

And certainly No Living.


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Wow...your so talented...-doesnt know what to
_Dont waste your time on me, you're already the voice inside my head_

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Hey you're back! Makes me happy. Heaven forbid we live right? Right.

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."

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really {?}

Implicit in your notion of conformity is the recognition of some meta-narrative structure, which has long been held in more realistic academic (contradiction [?]) terms as childishly reductionist. I suggest that before you debase something you fully understand the intricate workings of it.

What is conformity? Conformity to what? If one does not conform what are one's alternatives?

You vis-à-vis conformity are forced to admit contradictions.

It naturally follows from your "argument" that we must break away from this something which you call conformity (c.f. Marx's Superstructure and Lyotard's Meta-narrative [?]) and enter into what?

Your only possibilities are:

(1) conformity to another simplified intellectually pathetical childish meta-narrative of that which you imply- viz., non-conformity-. [Why is one meta-narrative{?} more preferable to another? On what grounds can one deconstruct another meta-narrative if not from a grounding in their own meta-narrative structure? If you say that one need not do that, then the moral relativism is your only backing and from that certain things naturally ensue- to wit, the adequate defense for both the legitimacy of Hitler and American Foreign Policy during WWII. A clear contradiction. &c]


(2) existing outside the "domination" of the they [whatever, or more precisely, whoever they are {c.f. Heidegger's concept of das Man}]. This would mean that you exist as a person qua Individual. But such a situation is impossible within your pathetically indefensible system. The choice is not if you join a meta-narrative, but rather if you change.


South Park's take on the conformity inherent within the tautological constructs of nonconformity is done in a most brilliantly sardonic fashion.

a dopo,

Allora, sono tornato!

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What you really want to do? Is it a singular you, or plural you? That is it really you that are breaking away from society and doing things which they tell you not to do?

If you always do not do that which society tells you, then you are correct, we do not operate in this society, but rather its anti-society. But what makes the negation of this society a better society to live in? The society which you want to live in is a society of opposites? How are you to judge which society is better?

I still, however, do not know what a society is, in your sense of the word. Nor what conformity is.

Conformity and non-conformity are simply the flip sides of the same coin.

Conformity in X {a society?} is simply non-conformity in not X.
Conformity in not-X is simply conformity in X.

Under these definitions you can not escape this ridiculous notion of conformity.

Of course this entire problem is easily overcome- viz., don't listen to ANYONE- "society" or the people who tell you not to conform.

a dopo,

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I've started a philosophical discussion.
Didn't mean too.
Conformity for me is just following the road most people expect us to take.
Be stratght, go to university or colledge, get a job, get kids.
And yes.
Non conformers are in a way conforming to a different society too.
But you don't have to do either.
You can just do what you want and ignore anyone who tells you it's not what you really want.
I like wolverines post, cause it's sorta what I think too.