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Turn it up why don't ya
You could always make me cry
Pump up the decibels
Drown it out so I can hear me die
Don't want to miss it
I'd really be let down
This is the second time it's over
Time to lower my standards again
Could you put it on repeat
We don't always bleed when we're leaving
Pulse is up, heart is racing
I'm adjacent to your wall
The notes are floating
I don't condone your methods
Let her rip and watch me fly
Hover without you
Thought only you could raise me up
Sheltered by it all
I forget what sun looks like
Got too busy watching clouds
Waiting for my night to come
Just drowning out the sound


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That pretty much sums it up. "Time to lower my standards again" For some reason that line stuck out...

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."

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