[General Update] Not *that* interesting.

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Goodgollymissmolly I haven't blogged in here in awhile!

I've been mostly lurking as of late, (looking forward for Adrian's super-sexy updates soon-to-come-I-hope) but am doing exceptionally well. I've fallen into kind of a comfortable spot with my confused, bisexual crush (bolded because it's a key term :P).

I'm definitely over him (for real this time, though my friends- sick of hearing about him - might not believe me). However, I honestly feel like I want to marry him. I know this seems kind of silly, but it makes sense to me: It's a waste of my time/energy/emotions to sit around and obsess over him when he's not ready for a relationship (and might not like me if he ever was). But I feel like when he does come around, I really want to be here. You know?

This will be even more interesting (though I'm trying not to get my hopes up) this summer, when he and I are in a show together with pretty much all girls. It will be me + him + girls - the all-boys school environment that doesn't do him well. So who knows?! *shrugs* :)

Overall my life situation is kind of laid-back as far as being gay and/or romantic goes. That being said, I'm barely keeping up with my classes. Not that I'm not doing weel, necessarily, but just by the skin of my teeth. :D <-- like that. I guess I should probably keep up with that.

I'm still heeeere! That's the gist of it. :)


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So, does he know you like him?

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Man, I need to update more of

Man, I need to update more often. Yes, I've told him I think twice-ish... once stupidly, and once rationally. He said in the distant-esque past that he didn't want to date me because (a) he isn't really interested in a relationship right now, straight or bisexual (this was verified by another mutual friend), and (b) because we're such good friends.

Which makes no sense. But yeah. :)