Happy for no reason...

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The sun is shining. My window is open. The snow is mostly gone. And I am fairly happy. Fresh air and sunshine do wonders for me.

I am going to be turning 18 in two months and a day. That is very exciting. I am going to be getting a tattoo of a symbol phoenix on that day. Theres a lot of reasons why I chose that but I shan't go into detail. Turning 18 is rather amusing. Although it makes my mother rather sad. I want be a "child" anymore. I guess I haven't turned out so poorly after alll.

Well. I am going to go run around outside.

I heart you Heather. I heart you Dragon.

*Sends Lisa Faery smiles to everyone*

Have a good day everybody! And please, be happy! Its almost spring and theres sunshine!


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There's nothing like being ha

There's nothing like being happy for no reason. It's like experiencing the utmost contentment and being able to enjoy it all since you don't have to focus on the source. It's beautiful.