I am new

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I am new, And well, not many people know that I am bisexual. I am not scared for anyone to know, its just i dont like to be teased and taunted for my decisions. my parents know and my best friend know its just that i want everyone to know. my ex and i just broke up and i hate being single yet i am trying to deal with that. can anyone give me advice on how to deal with these things?

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Breaking Up

Ouch! I feel for you dear. It hurts. I don't really have any original advice on how to deal with those sort of things. Exercise works for me, but some call me an exercise fiend. Hope you feel better. :)

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well i appreciate you trying

well i appreciate you trying to help. Glad someone does care and does want to try or atleast try to help! ~*kisses`n`hugs*~