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Not like physically, "I need a piece of ass" lonely. Actually, I don't do too badly. More like...lonely. Don't take that the wrong way, just being Pete is damn fine, more so every day; it only took three years, but I'm starting to remember how to do this shit again. But it's a beautiful night, really the first nice spring night this year. And I'm pounding away on this keyboard because there's nobody home.

Heh. Just when I'm starting to enjoy riding solo again, I get all weepy and domestic. What the fuck.


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yeah being lonely isnt too great. i hate it. where do you live? im in ohio..its really nice here. oh well im about to go to bed.. im dead tired..you should message me sometime..im usually on cause all my friends leave me too.lol..~*kisses`n`hugs*~

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Totally rnandom comment, but I go to school in Ohio. OSU. I don't know of many people on this site who live there.

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."