This Might Be A Poem - But Your Guess Is As Good As Mine

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The new religion hit them as a
Wave of turmoil and cyanide;
No dared to breathe it in, lest
It plant itself in some unsuspecting
Child's imagination and spread
As a virus... E. coli for the mind,
Eating at morals and the worn, sepia pages
Of religious texts.

No one had planned on exposure
To this blasphemy, laughing
At their perfectly-aligned sidewalks,
At the neutral tones painted into their
Utopia. Someone had strayed too far
From the intended, had laid out some
Absurd composition in storyboard sketches...
And had pasted them onto the wall
Where posters of rock bands used to hang.

No one wanted glasses of tea and half-melted
Ice cubes, and no sterile hand longed
To grasp the concept of abortion and
Self-pierced ears, for fear they'd
Have to start all over again, building
All over again.

But I wanted cough drops twice every hour,
Grandmothers standing at bus stops...
I wanted homeless people riding bicycles.
Pour me a handful of gelcaps;
They're easier to swallow.


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I really, really like this. All of your posts are extremely good and I look forward to reading them. Please continue writing! <3
_Dont waste your time on me, you're already the voice inside my head_

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I'll most probably stick with the writing thing...
Even though it is slightly detrimental to my sanity.