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For me, homophobia has always been subtle. A silence after someone admits their homosexuality. The occassional “I know he’s gay because he cares when his pants get dirty


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Last line

To me, the last line of a story, play, movie, or journal entry is perhaps more important than the first. The lasting impression sort of thing. Your last line totally stuck out. Feel the same way.

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."

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Homophobia sucks. I hate it.

Homophobia sucks.
I hate it.
Most of the time people don't even realize it's there.
It's like, a part of them.
Once I really thought about being gay and accepted it, I started to notice it.
The way people call eachother fags without thinking.
And the fact that even though they say they're OK with it.
They're really not.
Not deep down in their minds.
They're still thinking "Why do they have to shove it in my face?"
And for the record, I hate racism too.

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Yeah, it's weird how commonplace it can be. The person might not even think they're being homophobic. For example, my best friend's roommate is a really nice, generous guy ("Daniel, I'm making pasta. Do you want some?" "No thanks, I'll be all right" "Oh, I made too much. Have some!"). Yet, he uses the word "gay" to mean "stupid". You know, in the casual "Man, that's totally gay" way. I haven't corrected him (yet), but I can't believe someone like him could be so blind to the issue.

Also, talking about "wake-up calls". Being on this site where people are so accepting (duh!) about non-heterosexuality, and in a family that's accepting, and in a city that's quite tolerant (Toronto), you forget how much homophobia's out there. I was reading a post on my Faculty of Education Intranet Conferencing system in the "Pride in ED" conference from a few years back. It's about a woman's gay brother being attacked. He had spoken at a conference or something about homosexuality, so people knew he was gay. He had to go to the bathroom, and, while he was in there, he was chatting with another guy who happened to be in there. Some burly guys come in, figure "what they're up to in here", and brutal gay-bashing ensued. No death, thank G-d, but lots of pain.

For me, that post was a real wake-up call.

People hate us. A lot.