And the Torture Begins

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Lately time has been dragging. I can't wait until this term from hell is over. I am hoping for a B- in math. That has never happened before since I have a 4.0. It's my math teacher. I missed two assigments and I suddenly have a C. It's not even like they're particularly important assigments. It was the god damn Patriot's Day Parade that did me in. I am very worried right now because it is very possible that she just knocked me off the honor roll. Today is the start of Passover. In twenty minutes I have to leave to spend the next few hours in the company of relatives that I basically despise. The last time we visited, my sister-in-law told us about the arabs that congregrate in a house down the street. She thought they were "up to something". As far as I can tell she was implying that because of their ethnicity they were terrorists. I asked her if WE were not just as likely to be up to something since we too congregate in a yuppie house in Westborough. She did not deem myself worthy of a reply. That is the typical type of one-sided conversation that is had. I do not know how my brother ended up the way he is. He is a conservatve brown noser that basically goes against all I believe. I predict he will disown me the second I tell him that I am a lesbian. If this indeed happens, I feel it will be for the better. Ok well I am off.


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I've come to the conclusion through general observations that family isn't all that it's cracked up to be. This is bloody depressing; why couldn't we be the lucky ones with open-minded, supportive famiies? If I ever told my family about me, they'd kill me. And throw my rotting corpse in the yard.

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."