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Okay, the reason I haven't written anything for the last couple of weeks is because my computer died. Basically, the installation of Windows XP, which is inherently a P-OS anyway, somehow managed to get fucked up. What resulted was the disappearance of everything on my machine: all of the photos I've taken in Xinjiang, including the ones from Turpan and the ones I took from the train as I was coming over here; all my MP3s; and the 15 pages of a sci-fi novel I was writing.

I have since done what any sensible geek would do and switched to Linux, RedHat 9, to be exact, which I'm proud to say I'm using at the time of this writing. Unfortunately, there are two important programs, namely the software for my digicam and QQ (an IM program used in China) that aren't available for Linux, so I still have to install the Great Satan (i.e. Windoze) on the last 3 gigs of my hard disk.

In fag-related news, my ex, whom I've decided is a complete and total prick, got into my QQ account and told god-knows-what to my friends, and he refuses to tell me why he did that.

On a happier note, I've met a guy, and we've hit it off pretty well, I think.


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i want linux too :( damn companies!! make a linux version!! u make a mac version anyways!!*shakes fists* cheap turds....

"my ex, whom I've decided is a complete and total prick, got into my QQ account and told god-knows-what to my friends, and he refuses to tell me why he did that"

he was jealous of ur boyishly good looks? *big grin*

"I've met a guy,"
yay!! ^_^ how's he like?
"keep ur thorns,cuz m running away" -Mudvayne
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I don't know where to find them, but there are versions of Linux out there for Macs. You might also look at NetBSD (, which isn't Linux, but it's still a form of Unix.

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You can look up many flavors of Linux at I currently use Fedora Core 1 (Yarrow) which is basically RedHat 10, but free. Fedora Core 2 should be out soon, hopefully.

Occasionally I switch over to Windows when I want to edit photos (I haven't figured out how to use GIMP yet) and "obtain" music.

Props to Adrian for prodding me to make the switch!

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It's more secure, stable, and powerful than Windows, that's what. I'm very shameless about proselytizing Linux to the rest of the world, now that the crappiness of Microschlock's products has managed to hit home.

You can check out for more information.

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A post after mine own heart

I've been fortunate enough to have spent my career programming primarily for Solaris and Linux - mostly the latter. While Linux can be hairy from a desktop user's standpoint and annoying from a Unix purist's standpoint, it is still surprisingly stable and robust. It even performs pretty well! Congratulations on making the switch. One question I have, though: Did you reformat the Windows XP disk that had all your data? That should be recoverable.

Welcome to the cult!

- Jeremy / antinous

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Ecks Pee

Well, I used Linux in Guilin and Lianyungang, temporarily dumping it for varying reasons, but now I'm using it again, so I guess I'm not necessarily a recent convert.

I tried reformatting the disk, but the disk itself was messed up from all the reboots I had to do with XP, so I couldn't recover anything.

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is created solely on non-microsoft technology.

we are even hosted on a mac os x machine, so there is no anti-christ inside in this case.

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