Disreality Anchors

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I'm going to try to keep this one unranty. Still going to be choppy and
nonlinear. I have so much I wanna get down.

Ya know. If it wasn't for crazy dreams and such keeping me anchored to
disreality I would have gone crazy a long time ago. I had this bizarre
dream about fox eggs. They looked like chicken eggs but they were actually
"the last of there kind" fox eggs. It was my job to protect them. My dad
and brother were there. One of them broken them and I put them in an
empty milk carton to save them. I have no idea what any of my dreams mean,
but I'm happy that I have them. It must be boring for these sorts of things
not to happen.

The cafeteria guy made some weird noodle thing. Something I think they'd
have at an Italian restaurant. It was like spicy and had parmesian cheese.

Easter was... refreshing. Reminded me of many of the reasons I can't stand
going to church. My mom's in denial about me not being a christian I think.
I go with cause "It wouldn't hurt me to", supposedly... So I stand there
listening to all the people chanting. Chanting sounds like the right word.
It's all so culty. I don't want to start ranting so I'll just stop there.

So. I'm failing calculus. I have been pretty much the whole semester.
Nothing like that constant pain of knowing you are the only one who doesn't
get it/doesn't agree. So anyways I go to the counselor/advisor person
because it's time to sign up for fall classes. Turns out I didn't need to
be taking it in the first place. Words cannot describe my anger. Some
freaking adivsor. And to add insult to injury, I find this out only a week
after the last drop date. So I will always have that F, that Fail, on my
sheet unless I take it again, for a 3rd time, and do better, (I took it
at the last college I was at, the grade didn't transfer). So, I was angry
... still am. It's like the whole system is out to screw me over. There
is absolutely no room for disagreement in calculus. Oh geez. I'm starting
to rant again.

Good stuff. I'm reading Don Quixote... sort of... I sat down and read some,
it's pretty good stuff. Hard to understand but it can be really funny.
Probably going to have to renew it. I'm going so slow at it...

Art teacher is still a moron. So I've got two museum papers to work on.
They are essentially the same assignment (I have him for two classes).
I never really completely understood page requirements. Minimum or maximum.
If a person can write a 1 or 20 page paper on something and have it fulfill
every question and it's good to read, why require them to write it within
so many pages? Shouldn't it be more about content instead of length? He
does the same thing with our art assignments. So big or small. Sorry
Leonardo, the assignment specifically states that the canvas must be
between... blah blah blah. He has like every page broken down. About one
page on the work itself. So much on the author. Have a bibliography of
atleast 2 sources. Talk about composition, form, line, space, color. BLAH!
BLAH! BLAH! Yet I want it in your own words....

Personally, I think when you start analyzing things to much you lose
sight of their beauty. What really gets me most about this guy? Not a
single assignment has been a "do what interests you" assignment. They are
all ripoffs of other people's work or style.

OH geez. This is a rant... OH well. I really should stop this is crazy.
I'll write something else when I'm coherent.


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I don't know about you, but I was raised Catholic and still go to masses with my family, and I always cringe when the priest goes "We give Him thanks and praise," and the whole congregation replies, "It is right to give Him thanks and praise." It just sort of screams the word 'cult' to me... O_O

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...and chemistry are the banes of my existence. I see no point in Calculus and Chemistry just bores me right now.
Stupid math.

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."

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Really? What's your favorite aspect of chem?
Maybe I haven't gotten to the exciting parts yet as I'm in general Chem.

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."

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I hate that! When you have t

I hate that!
When you have to do something a certain way, and you're like, no, my way is better.
And I hate doing bibliographies.
Or anything other than art in art, for that matter.
I hate it how you just want to paint, and you have to do a forty word reflection or whatever.
I always bullshit them.
And I hate how art class is so rigid.
We should be able to do what we want to.
Express ourselves.

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I think it'll be good

I really tore into him in the paper. I can't wait to get back his response. I essentially called him (and other over analyzing art critics), heartless scientists who are trying to kill art's true beauty. So I'm kinda pumped. Glee.