freaky tired

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I don't know what i have to say today besides, I'm exhausted. I've been in the darkroom on m campus for the last two days making prints for my final projects. At one point yesterday I was looking at the darkroom with the same fear that a small chid has of the dentist. I finally stopped when I "accidentally" exposed all of m paper.

I learned two things this weekend.
1) I like the touch of another man, one in particular (but that's another story).
2) I have so much work to do before I can feel it.

i had one of those weekends where I would work and work and when i didn't work, I was alone. There was so much happening this weekend and I meant nothing for me because I was stuck experiencing it alone, with an aching back and sore feet. I walked past the beautifully manicured lawns, blooming trees and happy young schoolmates with their parents, friends and lovers and realized how much I needed my friends, family and lover (who doesn't exist). They weren't around so I went back to the darkroom, its bad easels and toxic chemicals.