From within frames.

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Alright...I did this one in class. We had a weird supply. And he got mad at us when we were swearing. But he did it in a weird way. Kinda creepy. Have you guys ever had a supply like that?

Rude Things* he said *Rude Things*
And Talk trickled out of the room
Like a T.V. image
Fading out with a dull 'ping!'

Long, polished fingrenails-
Echoing the beats of a
Drummed the silence in;

A pair of entangled hands-
Familiar in their meeting,
surreptitiously came together
to writhe in uncertainty;

Polite lips, opened in a shocked
Inviting, in their chapped parting,
A hypostatized Smirk;

Sleepy eyes ruffled out sleep
And blinked in surprise,
Before drooping into polite

A senatorial finger waved
In sheer disapproval-
Airing words of reprimand
In a stuffy room;

A quick hand grabbed at the nearest pen,
Frantically looked around,
And started scribbling:
*Rude Things* he said *Rude Things*