God I hate men!

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On a rainy day, a real rainy day of spring, the most tell tale sign, beyond the umbrellas are the earthworms on the pavement. It's somewhat sad what happens to them, their homes in the ground made unbearable by the rising water, its warmth lost to them as they are forced to find another way. This way is more dangerous and has no clear end. Many die as pedestrians, too busy to look down trample the refugees on their way to somewhere else.

When I'm walking I tend to look down. Today I saw all kinds of worms, large small, dead and alive. All of them were in the middle of the path slowly stretching out and compressing back in as they head somewhere. Where that somewhere is isn't clear to me. If they survive it will eventually be the ground where they came from but what about in the mean time. Is there a shelter for rained out earthworms? Do they all die? I have to believe they eventually make it back into the ground once the rain stops and they can breath. (I haven't taken Bio and I'm probably completely wrong about my interpretation but that really has nothing to do with anything)

I was going to try and relate this to something in my life but suddenly the comparison made little sense. I am who I am. I'm shy and scared and sometimes I take a risk and sometimes I sell myself short Often, I just loose. But I'll try again in time, after get my head together and out live my embarrassment. Then I'll start the process over again. It's slow and it seems like I'm going nowhere but my pushing out and pulling back in is taking me somewhere. I don't know exactly where but I hope, eventually it will be a warm safe place.