I hate you. I hate your standards!

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"Look mum look there's a boy on the checkout" Yes well done boys do operate checkouts as well but no I am not one of them! Yes, I know I have short hair but guess what? girls can have short hair(now before you roll your eyes at me and go just what we need another butch dyke i would like to point out the reason i have short hair at the moment is due to charity(world's greatest shave for cure) ie. to raise money for the lukemia foundation) WoW OmG and not only do I have short hair but in my world girls kiss girls and boys kiss boys whoops! Sorry did I just ruin your perfect little view of your perfect little world oh well my bad while we're at it we may as well get rid of blue is for boys and pink is for girls as well how about purple is for everybody! Instead? I'll leave you to get over the shock now.



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YES! fuckin little kids like

YES! fuckin little kids like that give me the shits at work. and ok, yeah i have short hair too, but i still look like a girl goddamnit!! someones parents should have taught them some manners, or at least the different between girls and boys not being the haircut *rolls eyse* one day i swear im gonna slap one out of the trolly they're sitting in!

hehe, that made me feel better....

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Go you!

I totally agree. Girls can have short hair!! no matter what the reason they did it, it's still mad cool. And plus short hair on girls looks attractive!!! Pshh .. my sister had REALLY short hair for a really long time and people were like "EWW" ... well fuck them. They can go kiss their asses goodbye. Anyhoozles, I totally agree, people think we're ruining their totally perfect world by kissing people of the same sex or whatever. I tell them, get over it, I'm gay [bisexual actually] and I'll kiss whoever the hell I want. No one can take the rainbow outa' me!

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Oh my god if only I was single and sitting right next to you, I would kiss you!

Purple for all! YAY!

I'm also cutting my hair short (though not for lukemia, sorry) and I want to dye it fire engine red, SHORT HAIR FOR ALL!!!

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