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Labels suck. I am a teenage girl so of course they permeate my very existence. There are labels for how you dress, what music you listen to, and of course who you would like to date. For all three I fall into the “other


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i totaly feel for u. i get so fucking confused by labels, by what the hell i am. and i feel like im a different person depending on who i hang around with.
and im the same, guys are good for a night or so, but theres something incredibly intense about girls for me..i dunno. i like to think of myself as a dyke who likes to fuck guys, as i heard staceyann chin say.
god do i feel for you honey, my mother once told me "you know, you don't HAVE to sleep with every guy you go out with" but she got over that stage, and no doubt your mum will too. mind you, my mother doesn't know that i'm bi yet so... i have to ask tho, did she actualy say 'eat out'...coz thats so funny hehe. for a mum, ya know. hehe.
anyhoo sweet thang...two years aint that long :p

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nah, the eating out bit was my loose interpretaton of the transpirings. It was basically implied though. And you're right, two years isn't THAT long, it's just that lately time has been dragging.

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Okay, sorry to be random: but

Okay, sorry to be random: but I was skimming blog bits here on Oasis and saw the part about your "peas on earth" tshirt. My mom has one of those tshirts, and I have memories of her wearing it when I was younger...

Wooh random childhood flashback there. Sorry bout that! Just letting you know that in some obscure way, I'm here for ya! And I haven't ever talked to you... odd how these things work.

Okay, so it's late. And I'm tired. But people are listening!! Maybe that helps... *waves*